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Combatting Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults [Steven Hassan] on *FREE*. Mind Control - The B.I.T.E. Model. From Chapter Four of Combatting Cult Mind Control. (Park Street Press, ) by Steven Hassan. Destructive mind control. Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan. (Park Street Press, ). How can an otherwise intelligent member choose to remain in a cult even after he or.

The money, and effort is contributing to the salvation of the world. What they do not Fraser Report tells the story of the Moon organization's beginnings: One was Bo Hi Pak, who had there is plenty there to see. In fact. Han Sang Keuk. Moon has founded enterprises ranging from became an interpreter for Kim Jong Pil until He was a close friend of Bo Hi Pak and a supporter of the States has started several think tanks and organizations to promote a variety of Unification Church.

Executive branchreportsalso link him to gious as well as legal. President Immediately after the coup, Kim Jong Pil founded the KCIA and supervised Ronald Reagan has repeatedly said it is his favorite newspaper and that he reads 22 the building of a political base for the newregime. A February unevaluated it every day. To the extent that America and ligence-gathering organizations and extremist political groups, goes on to say: The "Though the Fraser Report noted that 'organized' is not to be confused with world's only salvation lies in Moon and in the establishment of a theocratic form 'founded.

Donald Fraser, Moon would very likely have recruited even more organization had a mutually supportive relationship, as well as for the statement 1 7 Americans in recent years and would have increased his power even faster. I that Kim used the Unification Church for political purposes. So we cannot separate the political field from the religious. The Background Difficult as it may be to believe, in the past extreme right-wing groups.

Currently, his chief political arm is an organization twenty-five years we have seen the rise of organizations in our society that 24 known as CAUSA, which was founded in after a tour of Latin America systematically violate the rights of their members, subject them to many kinds by Moon's right-hand man. Bo Hi Pak. A North American branch was formed of abuse, and make them less capable of acting and thinking as responsible in , and CAUSA has since moved to every continent of the globe, providing adults.

For people who stay in these organizations, the result is damage not only seminars for people in leadership positions. According to Fred Clarkson, "The to their self-esteem, but often to their whole sense of identity.

Moon is apparently trying to download his way into legitimacy, lending ing such a person for the first time. But many forms of violence, from the very 26 and giving millions of dollars to conservative causes. His strategy, "serve and gross to the very subtle, are the inevitable result.

Some members of destructive help people until they are dependent on you, then control them," seems to still cults suffer physical abuse during their involvement, in the form of beatings or be working for him. However, things aren't entirely rosy for the group. According to Frank nous work—fifteen to eighteen hours a day, year in and year out. When they fall sick or are no longer productive, they are often and The figure is said to represent just the total money paid in kicked out.

The report from the Japanese bar association , which estimates that only associations. Religious cults, the best known, are focused on religious dogma. None of these for urns, pagodas, and other charms that would, Moonie salesmen persuaded destructive cults deliver what they promise; all, in the long run, entrap their them, "ward off the evil spirits affecting them.

It seems probable that at least some of this illegally obtained revenue was Destructive cults do many kinds of damage to their members, and I will sent to the United States to finance The Washington Times, which is aimed at illustrate this with several case histories including my own.

It is not easy to political conservatives. My experience proves that some definite steps can be taken to learn paper has served its true purpose: Cult brokers of American politics. The Unification Church is a destructive cult par excellence. However, many other groups in this country also espouse strange theological doctrines and have members who engage in practices which, to many people, might seem downright bizarre.

Are all these groups "destructive cults? The United States of America has always been a land where freedom of thought and tolerance of differing beliefs have flourished under the protection of the First Amendment of the Constitution. Our religious and political life is as diverse as that of any country in the world.

I had decided that writing was probably my most Chapter 2 important pursuit, and so I wrote. Still I felt it wasn't enough. I looked out at the world and saw so much in the way of social injustice, political corruption, and ecological problems that it seemed I could offer little. I knew that I wanted to change things, but I didn't know how to go about doing it.

One day, as I was reading a book in the student union cafeteria, three attractive women of Japanese background and an Italian-American man approached me. They were dressed like students and carried books. They asked if they could share the table. Since I had a three-hour break between classes, I stayed and talked. They told me they were students too, involved in a small community My Life in the of "young people from all over the world. Unification Church The semester had just started and I wanted to make new friends, so I drove to their house that night after class.

When I arrived I found a lively group of about thirty people from a half dozen countries. I asked if they were a religious group. They told me they were part of something called the One World Crusade, dedicated to overcoming cultural differences between people and combatting just such major social problems as the ones I was concerned about.

These peoplerelatedto each other as easily as brothers and sisters and As a child I had always been very independent. I wanted to be a writer and clearly felt they were part of one global family. They seemed very happy with poet, but during my college years I struggled to find a career path in which I their lives.

After my depression of the previous month, I was invigorated by all could make enough money to pursue my dreams. My sense of struggling with that positive energy. I went home that night feeling lucky to have met such nice life was increased by the depression I felt after I broke up with my girlfriend in people. January I had always been The next day I ran into Tony, the man who had approached me in the an avid reader; during that time I began to read a great deal of psychology and cafeteria.

I answered that I had. Through the writings of G. Gurdjieff and P.

Ouspensky I listen," Tony said. Much short lecture on some interesting principles of life. Why don't you come over? It seemed vague and a bit and in need of someone more spiritually advanced who could teach him about simplistic but pleasing, and I could agree with nearly everything he said.

The suggestion that one should join a spiritual However, the content of his speech didn't explain why everyone in this group school was embedded in those books. I felt there must be either something wrong with At age nineteen, I felt that I was never going to be happy as a businessman, me or something exceptional about them.

My curiosity was fully engaged. I wanted to know the answers to the deeper I wound up going back the next day, too, and this time another person gave questions. Is there a God?

If so, why does he allow so much suffering? What a talk about the origin of all the problems that humankind has had to face. This role am I to play in the world eventually? Can I do anything to make a lecture had a decidedlyreligioustone; it dealt with Adam and Eve and how they difference?

At that time I felt extreme pressure to make a big contribution to were corrupted by a misuse of love in the Garden of Eden. At that point I didn't humankind. I had been told all my life how intelligent I was and how much I notice that my questions were never answered, and didn't suspect I was being would accomplish when I grew up.

I was going to graduate in another year, and deliberately strung along. However, I did feel a bit confused and said I didn't time was running out. We climbed the stairs and When I said this, a silent alarm seemed to go off among the people in the entered a room that I later learned had once been an artist's studio.

A large house. As I walked out and got into my car, a dozen people came running out blackboard was at the other end of the room.

Metal folding chairs were stacked into the icy February air in their stocking feet it was the custom to remove neatly in a corner. They said they wouldn't let me Within a few minutes we were divided up into small groups.

The leaders leave until I promised to come back the following night. Nobody asked why; jackets, holding me hostage because they like me so much. Much later I learned that the excercise was a form of minutes I relented, mostly because I didn't want to feel guilty if one of them projective personality testing used to probe people's inner thoughts.

Once I had given my word, 1 wouldn't think of not following We took turns introducing ourselves while seated cross-legged on the floor through, even though I didn't really want to go back. We sides all evening. This practice, I would later learn, is called "love bombing. I was embarrassed by was told over and over what a nice person I was, what a good person I was, how the childishness of it all, but no one else seemed to mind.

The atmosphere of the smart I was, how dynamic I was, and so forth. No fewer than thirty times they event, with lots of enthusiastic young people all together, brought back warm invited me to go with them for a "weekend away from the city for a retreat in a memories of summer camp. That night we were escorted to bunk beds above a beautiful place upstate.

As it Over and over I told them that I had to work as a waiter on weekends and turned out, getting a good night's sleep was nearly impossible. Not only was it could not go. Before I left, I was pressured to promise that if I was ever free on a crowded, but there were two loud snorers! So much for imagining I was at weekend, I would go.

I had not had a free weekend for a year and a half, so I was summer camp. The other newcomers and I spent a wakeful night.

When morning came, an intense young man from the group house in The next day I phoned my boss at the Holiday Inn banquet office to get my Queens sat down and talked with me.

He told me that he too had been put off at schedule for the weekend. He said, "Steve, you're not going to believe this, but first by some of the strange things he had heard and seen at his first workshop. Take the weekend off! Was this a sign that I was supposed to go to this weekend outing? He told me that if I left now, I They had spent years searching for greater knowledge. I called the people at the would regret it for the rest of my life.

His voice was so full of mystery and intrigue that it offset my suspicions and engaged my curiosity. Afterward, we sang more songs. He was the workshop director. We were told we had to spend all of our time weekend we'll be having a joint workshop with the Unification Church. There was to be no mental reaction was an immediate series of questions, which at the time I didn't walking around the estate alone.

Steve Hassan's books

Questions were to be asked only after a lecture verbalize "Workshop? What is going on here? Why didn't anyone tell was over, when we were back in our small group. He then introduced the me this before?

How can I get back to Queens? We were herded from the van into a small wooden structure nestled in An American in his late twenties, dressed in a blue suit, white shirt, and some large trees.

I had a feeling of dread. Miller exuded the charm and confidence of a family doctor. As he go back to Queens," I told one of the members, a smiling young man with blond lectured for hour after hour, I became very uncomfortable.

The workshop was hair and a smile pasted to his face all too weird. I liked almost everyone there as people: But I disliked the overly structured "Anyway, there's no one driving back to the city tonight.


Whenever I started to object, however, directing mankind back to His original intention. In the small group I was that there is a pattern of recurring cycles in history," Mr. Miller declared.

God had sent His second Messiah to the earth between and Meanwhile, I was listening to an enormous Who was this new Messiah? No one at the workshop would say. I was elated to consider the bare possibility that acceptance of what had been said earlier. God had been working all of my life to prepare me for this historic moment.

At The entire weekend was structured from morning until night. There was other moments, I thought the whole thing was preposterous—a bad joke. Yet, no free time. There was no possibility of being alone. Members outnumbered no one was laughing. An atmosphere of earnest seriousness filled the crowded newcomers three to one and kept us surrounded.

We newcomers were never studio. I remembered the final moments of Mr. Miller's lecture. Day one came and went, "What if?. Could you betray the Son leaving my sense of reality more or less intact.

Before we went to bed we were of God? Miller had questioned with passion in his voice, his eyes moving asked to fill out "reflection" sheets to reveal all we were thinking and feeling. Finally, the workshop director had stepped up Naively, I filled them out.

I had another restless night but was so exhausted and prayed a very emotional prayer about how we were God's lost children and emotionally and physically that I did manage to get a few hours' sleep. On and on Day two, Sunday, began in exactly the same way. But now we had all been he went, praying that all of mankind would stop living such selfish materialistic in this crazy, intense environment for thirty-six hours, which felt more like a lives and return to Him. He apologized over and over for all the times in history week.

I started asking myself, "Is something wrong with me? He pledged himself to a be the only person questioning this stuff? Is it more profound than I am able to higher level of commitment and dedication. His sincerity was overpowering. Am I not spiritual enough to understand what they are teaching? Miller more seriously and began to take notes.

When the van finally returned late that night to the One World Crusade By Sunday evening I was more than ready for the ride back home. But it house, I was completely exhausted and wanted only to go home and sleep. But I grew later and later, and nobody made any move to depart.

Finally I spoke up was still not permitted to leave. Jaap Van Rossum, the house director, insisted and said I had to leave now. I wanted desperately to go. He was "Tomorrow is the most important day! He sat me down in front of a crackling fire and read me the biography "Tomorrow? I have classes on Monday! The for me to stay another day. When he The workshop director took me aside and told me that everybody else had had finished, Jaap begged me to pray about what I had just heard.

He told me decided to stay for the third day. If I turned my workshop? He then tried to persuade me to stay in "No," I responded. Get out! Get the hell away conclusion? Tomorrow, he promised, everything from these people!

You need time to think. Get off my case! Nevertheless, I felt guilty for Part of me was really curious to hear the whole thing. But also I was being rude to those sincere and wonderful people. I drove home, almost in dependent on these people for transportation. I didn't want to bother my friends tears.

What /r/exjw is

They said I looked awful: I tried to explain to them what had just happened. I was The most powerful of Mr. Miller's lectures that day was called "The History of exhausted and incoherent.

Now God's children had to deceive Satan's children into following God's become a Christian.

Their immediate response was "Let's go talk with the rabbi will. He said, "Stop thinking from fallen man's viewpoint. Think about God's tomorrow. He wants to see his creation restored to His original ideal—the Unfortunately my rabbi had never heard of the Unification Church, nor had Garden of Eden.

That's all that matters! He thought I was interested in "heavenly deception" was used in all aspects of the organization—recruiting, becoming a Christian. He didn't know what to say or do. I came away telling fundraising, public relations. Since members are so focused on meeting their myself, "The only way I can get to the bottom of this thing is investigate it assigned goals, there is no room for the "old morality. I wished I could speak with someone who knew Bible to "show" that God condoned deception several times in history in order 2.

In February , no one I knew to see His plan accomplished. By accepting the way in which I was deceived, I had heard of the Moonies. Ceaseless questions ran through my mind. Had God been preparing me Although the workshop was almost identical in content to the one I had throughout my life for the mission of setting up the Kingdom of Heaven on taken the previous week, I felt that I needed to listen this time with an open earth?

Was Sun Myung Moon the Messiah? I prayed earnestly to God for Him mind and take notes. Was the Divine Principle the new truth? What should I do? This time Miller gave a lecture on Communism. It was therefore Satan's own religion on earth and must be vehemently in Satan, now I was afraid that he was influencing my thoughts.

He said the final world war would be fought within the next three My parents told me to stay away from the group. They didn't want me to years between Communism and democracy at that time, by , and that if abandon Judaism. I didn't want to abandon Judaism either; I wanted to do the members of the movement didn't work hard enough, incredible suffering would right thing.

If Moon is the Messiah, I reasoned, then I will be fulfilling my result. Jewish heritage by following him. Even though my parents opposed the group, I By the end of those three days the Steve Hassan who had walked into the believed that as an independent nineteen-year-old person, I was capable of first workshop was gone, replaced by a new "Steve Hassan.

I wanted to do what was right. In doing thought that I was "chosen" by God and that my life's path was now on the only so, I had been told by members of the group, I could later intervene on my "true track. I was shocked parents' behalf and save them spiritually.

No more war, no my bed. I reached down, picked up one of my philosophy books, and opened it more poverty, no more ecological destruction. Just love, truth, beauty, and to a paragraph at random, which said that history goes through certain cycles to goodness. Still, a muffled voice deep within was telling me to watch out, to help human beings evolve to a higher plane. At that moment I thought I had had keep questioning everything.

How could I have chanced to open the book to that After that workshop, I returned to Queens. I decided to move into the local paragraph? I thought that God was surely signaling me to heed Mr. Miller's Moonie house for a few months to get a feel for the lifestyle and to study the lectures.

I felt I had to go back and learn more about this movement. Divine Principle before I made a lifetime commitment. Within the first few 3 weeks of my residence there, I met a powerful leader, Takeru Kamiyama, a Japanese man in charge of the Unification Church throughout New York City. I was instantly drawn to him. I wanted to learn everything I could from him. As soon as I called the center, I was whisked off to another three-day workshop. In retrospect, I realize that Mr.

Kamiyama appealed to me because he had When I asked a member why I hadn't been told the truth about the religious qualities different from those I had been exposed to as a child. He was a quality of the movement, he asked, "If you knew in advance, would you have visionary. He had a great deal of power and status. My father, a simple come? He explained that the world businessman, had repeatedly told me that no one person could ever change the was controlled by Satan after he had deceived Adam and Eve into disobeying world.

He was very religious and emotionally expressive. My father, drop out of school, quit my job, and move into the center.

My hair was cut short though a sincere man in his own quiet way, was not. In looking back and and I started to wear a suit and tie. At the request of an older member I had analyzing the relationship, I see that I allowed Kamiyama to take the place of performed a forty-day "condition," a self-sacrificing penance exercise, giving my father. The kind of verbal approval and physical affection I sought from my up my friends and family for forty days—not seeing them or communicating father was given to me by this man, who used this emotional leverage to with them in any way.

I donated my bank account to the center and would have given my car As it turned out, I had been the first new person to join the center in except that my parents had the title. I had to abandon my Chilean foster child Queens. Just a month earlier, the big center in Manhattan had been divided into because I had no way to earn money to send her.

I was asked to sacrifice my eight satellite centers spread out in different boroughs. Since I was the first, Mr. He made dear. In my case it was my poetry. I threw out everything I had written—some me one of his twelve American disciples and oversaw everything I did. Although I had never liked being in groups before, my elite status in this Once I had officially dropped out of college, I was sent back onto the group made me feel special.

Because of my relationship with Kamiyama, I had campus to recruit new members. The leaders told me I could go back to finish access to the Messiah himself—Sun Myung Moon—who was the ultimate my degree the following year. When I told them about my desire to teach, they father figure. The club was to be called Collegiate Sun Myung Moon is a short stocky man who has more than an average share of Association for the Research of Principles, or C.

R Within a couple of charisma. He was born in in what is now North Korea. He carries himself weeks I had done so and was made C. P director. He is a shrewd manipulator that C. P had no affiliation with another group, I received all of my and an effective communicator, particularly with those who are indoctrinated instructions and funding from the director of the Unification Church in Queens. Moon usually We put on free lectures, poetry readings, anti-Communist political rallies, and spoke either Korean or Japanese and used a translator.

I was told he did so for free movies, all the while seeking to meet potential converts. We were then the "spiritual" reasons. During my membership, I was present at more than one most successful C. P chapter in the country. I ship meetings with him. Almost all my time that Mr. Moon and Mr. Kamiyama knew how to cultivate their disciples to be first year was spent recruiting and lecturing. Occasionally I went out with loyal and well disciplined.

Once I had become totally tions—to support the house and the operations of the New York Church. I indoctrinated, all I wanted to do was to follow my centralfigure'sinstructions. I learned how to fast for three days only drinking water. Later I was to do three was so committed that I had suppressed the real me with my new identity.

Moon was making us demonstrations, although they were usually organized under the names of front over in his image. Once he actually told the leaders that if we remained faithful groups.

The Moon organization has, over the years, used hundreds of such and carried out our missions well, we would each be President of our own 4 groups. For example, in July was sent to the Capitol steps with several country one day.

We too would have Mercedes Benz automobiles, personal hundred Moonies under the name "National Prayer and Fast for the Watergate secretaries, and bodyguards. Crisis" to demonstrate on behalf of Richard Nixon. I learned how to present the introductory lectures of the Divine Principle Before joining the Moonies I had had long debates with my father at the within the first three months of my membership.

By that time I had recruited dinner table about Nixon. My father, a businessman, was at that time a die-hard two more people, who became my "spiritual children," and was instructed to Nixon supporter.

Now, in the heat of my Leadership had other benefits, too. I was often tell them about the fast. Because my father had always been so staunchly behind permitted to play softball with his son and heir apparent, Hyo Jin Moon now Nixon, I thought he would be pleased.

Twice I ate with Moon at his lavish dinner table. I came to When I told him the news, my father said to me, "Steven, you were right. There were even "miracles" in my life.

At one point I learned that all "Now I know you are brainwashed," my father said, exasperated.

Much to my surprise, Kamiyama interceded with Moon to keep me It was only when I left the group that I laughed at the irony in this sudden from being sent to that training session. I was brought before Moon—referred role reversal. When I asked Kamiyama why he had requested my exemption from because of human rights violations.

We were personally instructed by Sun the training, he told me that I was too important where I was in New York and Myung Moon not to tell anyone that we were members of the Unification that he didn't want to lose me. I had gotten the approval of a man who, I Church or had any political motivation. We established a front group called The thought, was God's representative on Earth. He would be nice to us at Repatriates, and successfully shifted the delegates' focus from human rights first, downloading us gifts and taking us out for dinner or a movie.

Then he would abuses in South Korea to those perpetrated by North Korea. The vote to bring us back to his estate and yell and scream about how poorly we were withdraw was defeated. The Moonies claimed a victory and we were told the 6 performing. South Korean government was pleased. Moon also liked to stimulate the highest degree of competition between Being so close to the "Messiah" was exhilarating.

He would single out someone who nate to be part of this movement and took myself very seriously because of the was very successful at recruiting or fundraising he did this with me , and spiritual repercussions of everything I did. I thought my every action had present that person as a model of excellence, shaming the others into being monumental and historical implications.

I strived to be the perfect "son" of the more successful. It is ironic that whereas Moon's stated goal is to unify the 7 "True Parents" —obedient and loyal these two virtues were valued above all world, many of his strategies foster jealousy and spite among leaders, virtually else.

I always did what I was told, and then some. I wanted to prove my loyalty, insuring a lack of unity. When I knew him, Moon was a movie junkie. One of his favorite movies As a leader, I was able to see and hear things that rank-and-file members was Rocky, which he watched repeatedly, he told us. On one memorable never could. Once, in late , Moon took a few of us to inspect some new real occasion he told us that we had to have the same determination as Rocky Balboa estate he had acquired in Tarrytown.

As usual, he gave an impromptu talk. Even though Moon bought top talent in Laurence Olivier anyone to have sexual relations with anyone other than the person assigned to and Jacqueline Bisset, Inchon was a failure. It was the most expensive movie him.

In that way we would be doing Looking back on it all now, I believe one of Moon's major problems as a him a favor and making it easier to restore him to righteousness in the spirit leader was his shortsightedness. He seemed always to be more concerned with world. I thought of all the married people not in the movement who were immediate results than with the future.

For example, his disregard for legal and 9. I never stopped to think accounting advice eventually landed him in jail. His use of deception in order of the mass genocide that might result if we took over America. After my time on the model fundraising team in Manhattan, I was told that Eventually I became the main lecturer in Manhattan and experienced a my family was trying to kidnap and deprogram me. I was sent "underground" strange twist in my relationship with another American in the group.

I was to Pennsylvania.

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I was instructed not to tell my family my whereabouts and to made assistant director of the Unification Church at national headquarters and have all my mail forwarded through another city.

Years later, after I left the was told to work with Neil Salonen, then president of the Unification Church of group, I suspected I had been sent out of town as a distraction. The Moonies America. Kamiyama told me that Salonen needed to learn how to submit to wanted to keep me from pursuing some disturbing questions about the validity the Korean and Japanese leadership in the church, and that I had been placed in of the "time parallels" used in the "History of Restoration" lecture.

I had the headquarters to teach him the "Japanese standard. I searched my phone, desperate for an article, a talk, something from Watchtower to restore my equanimity. The windshield of my faith shattered in an instant.

I collected my pizza, made my way home and explained to my mother that it was all over. As you all know, that moment is not the end of the story but the beginning. Now is the hard part. Now is when we pick up the pieces and try to understand what has happened to us. I asked, how could this happen to me? How did I allow an organization to deceive and control me to this extent for so long?

Why did I not see it? Thankfully I found this book pretty quickly. It helped me to regain a measure of understanding. I imagined that reading about Mr. I was frightened by the prospect of returning to a state of indoctrination. How can I keep from going back? How do I keep other groups from taking advantage of me? I know that my inclination will probably be to allow others to reinsert a measure of control into my life so how do I prevent that?

This book helped me to understand that all the questions I was asking and the sense of insecurity I felt was a natural part of being subjected to undue influence for so many years. This model is used to explain the ways in which a cult asserts its power over you. Their dress and grooming, what jobs they perform, their entertainment, the amount of time they spend studying Witness publications and witnessing to outsiders is all highly controlled.

And then there is their prohibition of holidays and their stand on blood transfusions. This includes anything on the internet or from the news media. You cannot even acknowledge that persons existence. Needless to say, lack of un-biased information is dangerous.

Thoughts — All thoughts are to be regulated. Doubts about the religion are not tolerated. You can be brought before a Judicial Committee and expelled from the congregation for holding a different opinion from the Governing Body.

Hassan explains how cults control behavior by controlling the physical reality. Anything from living quarters to clothes to what food is allowed, how many hours sleep a person gets, may be controlled. In 'live-out' groups it can be much more subtle. Members end up doing tasks assigned by the group, listening to tapes they have bought, doing exercises or meditation, selling courses to family and friends, doing errands or even using their expertise without pay!

Cults control thoughts by indoctrination. This process occurs over time and the 'master program' of the cult becomes the framework within which the members think. In fact, thinking is not encouraged, following the program is. The program dictates how the member acts in any given situation. They are encouraged often berated to use the cult lingo, where complex ideas are condensed into simple phrases. The members also learn to block out any criticism of the leader or the doctrine.

They simply do not want to hear. They will usually defend their leader and group, even aggressively. Emotions are controlled by using lots of fear and guilt. But often the members are not aware that their levels of guilt and fear are being manipulated!

Many destructive groups create emotional roller coasters, because when emotions are 'running high', critical thinking is practically impossible. In Combatting Cult Mind Control, Hassan adds in control of information as the 4th aspect to mind control. In 'live-in' groups this control can be brutal, extending to needing permission to phone family or friends, not having access to internet or TV, new converts not being allowed to talk to each other without an older member being present, and so on.

In other groups it can be that the leader is suggesting books to read and books to avoid, criticizing some ideas so the members do not research more in that area, and feeding the members information bit by bit, as and when they are 'ready for it'. That is, as their indoctrination proceeds remember it is a progressive process , when they accept one idea, they are then given the next.Jun 13, Medium rated it it was amazing this book helped change my perspective and learn my way out of my upbringing.

I believed my spiritual survival was at stake. Their immediate response was "Let's go talk with the rabbi will. Steven Hassan is a great teacher and the book was an easy and uplifting read. Once I did that, even though I had invested so much of myself in the group, become a leader, and developed close bonds with many members, I had to walk away. He has been working in this field for over 35 years, so he has many examples!

When it was clear the federal government would that if such people could maintain communication with outsiders, valuable do nothing about the Moonies, I decided to organize. Day one came and went, "What if?.

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