This was a great book that was very fun! I loved it lots and have re-read it several times it is so fun! If you like fun books, you should read this!. Eragon: Inheritance, Book I (The Inheritance Cycle series) by Christopher Paolini. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy .

Eragon Series Ebook

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Eragon - Inheritance, Book I ebook by Christopher Paolini Book 1 Free. The Heroes of Olympus,Book Five: The Blood of Olympus ebook by Rick Riordan. Back to Kids. Eragon - Inheritance, Book I ebook by Christopher Paolini. Preview Now; Preview saved by Christopher Paolini. series The Inheritance Cycle #1. This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is.

While The Inheritance Cycle remains massively popular in print form, it has also been adopted for a number of electronics. Audiobooks have been a part of the series pretty much since its inception, with the first release on February 10, , approximately six months since the original Eragon was released on August 26, These recordings have also been released as Audible Audio Editions, a format which can be downloaded to a computer and then used on most mobile devices.

Both Eragon and Eldest were released on audio cassette, as well as CD.

Due to lack of demand, this format was not offered for Brisingr. The audio edition of Brisingr includes an exclusive interview with author Christopher Paolini by his editor, revealing facts on the development of the novel and the authors' favorite characters and situations. Sample recordings of all are available through site. Additionally, the books in the series can be viewed in print format through at least two different services: site. Both are intended only as a free reference for searching and research, and both only allow viewing of a limited number of pages before viewing of further pages is temporarily blocked by IP address.

All are also available for site site and other E-Reader formats. Saphira: Eragon's sapphire blue female formerly the last female dragon and best friend. Roran : Eragon's and Murtagh's cousin, has made a name for himself as Roran Stronghammer when leading the villagers of Carvahall to Surda after being plagued by the Ra'zac. Risks his life to save the life of Katrina, his wife and then stays to help the Varden, eventually becoming the Lord of Palancar Valley.

Brom : Storyteller of Carvahall and former Dragon Rider his dragon was also called Saphira , who served as Eragon's father and first mentor; killed by the Ra'zac while protecting Eragon. Murtagh : Son of Morzan and former commander of Galbatorix's Army, who befriended Eragon and travelled with him to the Varden's hideout in the Beor Mountains.

Saved Eragon's life several times. Later Galbatorix forces him to become the first Dragon Rider under his rule since the Forsworn were all killed. Eragon's half brother and Roran's cousin. Thorn: Murtagh's ruby red male dragon and loyal companion. Accompanies Eragon in most of his missions. His magically misled black dragon is called Shruikan.

Orik : New king of the dwarves. Also friend and foster brother of Eragon. He is killed by Murtagh while Galbatorix controls him. His dragon is called Glaedr. Glaedr: Oromis's massive gold dragon, right front paw lost in battle, killed by Thorn, but only after biting off a good part of Thorn's tail.

Morzan : The first, the last, and most loyal of the Forsworn. Killed by Brom during the Batte of the Riders Plot summary Edit Eragon, a fifteen-year-old farmboy, brings home a blue ' stone ' from the mountain range known as the Spine , hoping it will download his family meat for the winter. Instead, from it hatches a blue dragon named Saphira, making Eragon a Dragon Rider. According to the storyteller, Brom, in Eragon's home village, Carvahall , the Dragon Riders and dragons were mostly destroyed about a hundred years ago by an evil Rider, Galbatorix; his dragon, Shruikan; and thirteen other Riders and their dragons, called the Thirteen Forsworn.

Due to Riders' immortality, Galbatorix is still king, but there is an opposite side of rebels called the Varden, along with dwarves and elves , who oppose him. Eragon lives with his uncle, Garrow , and his cousin, Roran; his uncle's wife, Marian , died a few years ago; Garrow's sister, Selena , Eragon's mother, left after giving birth; and his father is unknown. When Saphira is several months old, two cloaked strangers, called the Ra'zac , burn Eragon's farm, and kill Garrow.

Eragon and Saphira set off to get revenge.

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They are joined by Brom, who teaches Eragon swordsmanship and magic. He gives Eragon a Rider's sword, called Zar'roc. While visiting Brom's old friend, Jeod , Eragon's fortune is told by Angela the herbalist.

He also gets advice from a werecat , Solembum , that there is a weapon under the roots of the " Menoa Tree " and he should go to the Rock of Kuthian and speak his name to the Vault of Souls to gain enormous power.

The Ra'zac find them and kidnap them, but they are rescued by a young man named Murtagh. Brom dies from his wounds, revealing that he was once a Rider.

He founded the Varden, stole Saphira's egg from Galbatorix with Jeod's help, and killed Morzan, the first and last of the Forsworn, and took his sword, which was Zar'roc.

Eragon and Saphira then set off with Murtagh to find the Varden. On their way, they rescue an elf named Arya, whom Eragon saw several times in his dreams, and who tells them how to get to the Varden. When the travelers arrive, Murtagh is locked up by two twin magicians because he is revealed to be Morzan's son, and Eragon and Saphira join the army.

Eragon and Saphira begin to receive renown, and they bless a baby, Elva , in the Ancient Language with magic. Before he leaves, however, more Urgals come.

They kill Ajihad, and Murtagh and the Twins are assumed dead. Elva is enchanted, and locates the assailant, who is killed after unwillingly surrendering information to Varden magicians about a subversive group based in Surda called the Black Hand, who is plotting to kill Nasuada.

Nasuada later attends a meeting with key figures in Surda's government to discuss a potential upcoming battle against the Empire. They learn that the conflict is coming sooner than they initially suspected, and mobilize forces to attack, as well as sending for help from the dwarves.

In the meantime, Eragon continues his training, but is discouraged when the scar on his back causes him to have agonizing seizures multiple times per day.

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He has been swooning over Arya for most of the book. Saphira also has a similar problem with Glaedr, as she believes him to be a good choice for a mate and tries to win his affections. Eragon tells her it would not be proper, and she in turn replies that Arya is not as important as his education. Both efforts fail miserably, but bring Eragon and Saphira closer together.

The changes alter his senses, and enhance his abilities, effectively turning him into an elf-human hybrid, as well as healing all of his wounds, scars, and back injury. Reinvigorated, Eragon continues training until he learns that the Empire will soon attack the Varden in Surda. Afterward he confesses his feelings for Arya who rejects him harshly. Dismayed, he leaves without completing his training, to aid the Varden in battle. Meanwhile, Roran is planning to rescue Katrina. He decides that the only solution is to join the Varden in Surda, and so he convinces almost the entire village to travel there.

The villagers reach Narda, where they pay for barges to sail to Teirm.

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Roran is stunned that his cousin is a Dragon Rider, and he asks Jeod for help to reach the Varden. Jeod decides to go with them and he gathers a group of his friends to steal a ship called the Dragon Wing. The villagers are chased by a group of Galbatorix's boats, but they force themselves into the gigantic whirpool, the Boar's eye, so that they can trap the enemy ships. Meanwhile, Eragon arrives at the Varden's camp, who are under attack by an army of one hundred thousand of Galbatorix's soldiers.

A group of Urgals join the Varden, and Eragon is able to repel the opposing army with help from the dwarves' reinforcements. Eventually, a Dragon Rider appears in favor of the Empire. The hostile Dragon Rider kills the dwarf king Hrothgar , and soon begins to fight with Eragon. The Dragon Rider is soon unmasked by Eragon and is revealed to be Murtagh, his old friend. Murtagh tells Eragon that he was kidnapped and forced into loyalty by Galbatorix after a dragon hatched for him, whom he named Thorn.

Murtagh outmatches Eragon, but shows mercy due to their old friendship. Before leaving, Murtagh reveals that Eragon is his brother, and takes Eragon's sword Zar'roc, which he believes to be his inheritance. The Crown of Ptolemy.


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The Inheritance Cycle Series

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Eragon (Kobo eBook)

James Dashner. A Divergent Collection. The Queen of the Tearling. Erika Johansen. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 3: The Ship of the Dead. The Heir. Kiera Cass. The Heroes of Olympus: The Demigod Diaries. Sea of Shadows. Kelley Armstrong. Clockwork Prince. The Novice. Brandon Sanderson.

Crown of Midnight. Julie Kagawa. The Trials of Apollo, Book Two: Dark Prophecy. I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Search for Sam.Before leaving, Murtagh reveals that Eragon is his brother, and takes Eragon's sword Zar'roc, which he believes to be his inheritance. The tide of the battle turns when a mysterious red dragon and Rider appear on the side of Galbatorix, kill Hrothgar, and challenge Eragon.

Eragon and Saphira arrive in the nick of time and turn the tide of the battle. The Burning Maze.

Overall a great book … Show more Show less. Additionally, the books in the series can be viewed in print format through at least two different services: site. Morzan : The first, the last, and most loyal of the Forsworn. Pittacus Lore.

The boy promises that he will return.

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