Access eBook Image Makers, Image Takers: The Essential Guide To Photography By Those In The Know By Anne Celine Jaeger. [site PDF EBOOK EPUB]. PPN: Titel: Image makers, image takers: the essential guide to photography by those in the know /. Anne-Celine Jaeger. - London: Thames. For professionals and beginners alike: a behind-the- scenes look at how photographers of world stature approach their work, and what it is that makes them.

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[PDF] Image Makers, Image Takers: Interviews with Today's Through Jaeger†™s skillful interviews she unveils enough secrets of success from this stellar. I'm also crazy about David Hurn and Bill Jay's conversation, 'Selecting A Subject' from On Being a Photographer (free PDF here). There is. This essential guide draws on in-depth interviews with established photographers from the fields of fashion, art, portraiture, documentary.

Alec — I enjoyed the David Hurn stuff on selecting a subject. Something I hve been thinking a lot about while trying to find a new project to work on.

I think I finally have something — while working on a grant proposal — the project idea suddenly came to life. I hope you get a chance to look at http: Best, Jonathan.

Comment by Jonathan Elderfield — September 19, 9: My guess is your sweating is a manifestation of both the effort you put into the enterprise as well as your concern for high standards. Conquer the sweating and lose your edge. Comment by Robert Holmgren — September 19, 9: Comment by allen bryant — September 20, 1: Comment by Randy D — September 20, Thanks for the suggestion.

On Being a Photographer is a great read. This one sounds equally interesting. Comment by Gordon McGregor — September 20, 1: This book is just plain awesome.

I enjoy reading interviews. It gives pretty good insight into the photographers thoughts and their work.

And its quite interesting to view all the diferent viewpoints within a genre and some correlation of thoughts in diferent styles of photography. Really great read!

Comment by Miguel Alho — September 20, 7: It looks like most interviews have been taken via email or telephone. No real dialogue takes place. First and foremost you will find hasty short answers to an questionnaire.

If Ms. Jaeger would have invested a little more time and effort this could have become a classic. Comment by Randolf — September 21, 2: Comment by heej — September 21, 8: Comment by MIka Kobayashi — September 25, 1: This is one hell of a great read if you want to get into the mind of a photo director at a magazine based in New York City.

I enjoyed reading this book a few months ago.

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Thinking of the Anton Corbijn interview, the music of Depeche Mode comes to my head. I loved his Lars von Trier photo. After reading her interview I am still impressed. And Alec Soth has already quoted his best answer in this blog.

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I wish that Ms Jaeger continues her interviews with other great photographers as well and makes a new extended edition of the book. Comment by Jay Watkins — September 28, 4: RSS feed for comments on this post.

Blog at WordPress. You can read Thomas Demand talk about Titian and read me talk about, um, sweating: How did you overcome your fear of photographing people? Did I say that?

Is there a publicist or dermatologist out there that help me? After talking about his experience as a printmaker for legendary artists like Joseph Beuys and Nam June Paik, Steidl talks about why he gave up his own photography: Like this: Like Loading Comments Oprah, will you please stop.


My wife is going to shot me for downloading all these books: Thanks for sharing the bit about the sweating. I enjoyed the book and also translated into Japanese, that will be published in next April!

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Image Makers, Image Takers

Mar 19, Mips rated it really liked it Shelves: Other editions. Probably the most inspiring book on photography I have read. Worth reading for any photographer. Comment by Randy D — September 20, Did I say that? Books by Anne-Celine Jaeger.

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