No doubt tÂș is us -y, Ar-Rahiq Al-Makhtoom (The Sealed Nectar) is a book of great value and praiseworthy work on the l. New Cutting Edge Intermediate Students' The Slight Edge is the book that makes every other personal-development book actually work The Slight. The Slight Edge is the book that makes every other personal-development book gave me The Slight Edge book and by implementing its simple principles.

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The Slight Edge is the book that makes every other personal-development book actually work. .. PDF eBook ISBN: SPECIAL SALES. The Slight Edge PDF Summary is Jeff Olson's simple program which should help you turn simple disciplines into a massive success. The Slight Edge: book summary and review. Also availalbe in PDF. Read here the secret to success from Jeff Olson.

But the key to your road to success is starting. No matter what you start with, you gotta start. Two Life Paths Successful people life in the future and in a world of possibilities. They believe they can change their life.

Unsuccessful people live in blame and they never take responsibility for their life. Successful people shoulder a responsibility to make others successful. Use Mentors To shorten your learning curve Jeff Olson recommends you pick a mentor.

A mentor should be someone who has already done what you want to achieve. Make sure that he is a good role model that you can emulate. It wasnt cool to be a success in school. If you did well, you got teased.

Failure was coolnot in the sense that everyone fails at one time or another and can learn from it, but in the sense that it was cool to not do your best and be stuck in failure forever.

When I was in elementary school, doing well in school was the only thing that mattered to me. But when I got to junior high that all changed. The atmosphere in junior high was totally different. When I walked in there for the first time, it seemed like everyone was just chillin.

I saw kids hanging out in the auditorium when they didnt belong there and even screaming at teachers. There was a fight almost every day. No one seemed to care about classes. In that school you looked crazy if you were doing any work.

The important thing was to have friends. If you didnt have friends, you were nothing. Youd get picked on, cursed out, and if people fought you it was never one-on-one. I decided schoolwork wasnt going to be my top priority anymore. I thought my classmates would like me better if I acted more like them lazy and not caring about anything except going home to watch TV. So I made it a point to have friends and started thinking of school as a playground. I could do anything therecut classes, write on the walls, Little Things Matter 7 hide in the bathroomsand nobody knew about it because there were too many kids.

When I did go to class, Id walk in 20 minutes late, sit with a friend, and talk the rest of the period away. When the teachers asked me why I was late, I told them that I was in the bathroom or that I was talking to another teacher about something. They wouldnt bother me after that. I did just enough work to pass, but I made it a point to never let my friends find that out. On the days when I did my homework, I used to give it to the teacher after class so my friends wouldnt see. If they knew, I was sure they would give me a hard time.

They would be like, What are you doing the work for? You think youre better than us? Then my class was divided up. The kids with the worst behavior and grades, including most of my friends, were sent to a different class. Since I didnt have my crew to do things with anymore, I had two choicesI could either not go to school at all, or I could start doing my work. I knew my mother would kill me if I didnt go to school, so I started to go to class every day and began to do my homework on a more regular basis.

My teachers were happy, and so was I.

The Slight Edge: Summary & Review in PDF

By the time I was in eighth grade, I had worked my way up to a B average. I still felt that I could do better, but I didnt want to get higher grades than most of the people in my class. I thought they would get mad at me and be like, Oh, now she thinks that shes smarter than me.

Soon Jesselin started high school. Then came ninth grade and a big reality check. I thought that high school was going be a bigger playground than junior high. I was wrong. Even though most of the kids were the same, the atmosphere was very different. It was a brand-new alternative school and there were only about 50 stu- dents in the whole place. Every teacher knew who you were and where you were supposed to be every minute of the day. I had to do my work because there was no place to hide. My teachers knew that I was smart and saw right through my front of acting like I didnt care.

Still, I thought that as long as I handed in a couple 8 Success for Teens of pieces of work they would be satisfied and not bother me. For my whole freshman year, I was constantly told that I could do better. But it just went in one ear and came out the other.

The Slight Edge

Over the summer after ninth grade, I was talking to a friend who was in college. He asked me how I was doing in school. I told him that I was doing OK.

How OK? I told him I was doing just enough to pass. He asked me why, because he knew I could be at the top of my class if I wanted to be. I told him that I had gotten very lazy. Then he asked me if I wanted to go to college. I told him that what I really wanted was to get a scholarship so I could go to a college out of state. My friend told me there was no way I was going to get a scholarship.

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He even told me to forget about college at all, because I probably wouldnt finish high school the way I was going. He put so much fear in me that I spent the rest of that summer thinking about what he said. It was the same thing my teachers had been telling me for years. It finally started to sink in.

For a long time, it had been my dream to be the first one in my family to graduate from high school and go to college. Now I realized that I was going to have to work to make that dream come true.

Jesselin began to change. For all of 10th grade, I did nothing but work. Breaking my lazy habits was the hardest thing I have ever done. I had to get used to doing my homework every night, not just when I felt like it. And I had to make a lot of sacrifices.

That's the Slight Edge. Good luck. I highly recommend it Save yourself the time and the money, there is nothing life changing here. Every other self-help book says these things in 2 chapters what took Jeff a whole book.

It is endlessly repetitive, all he really says is work hard and getting good at something takes a long time. Mastery by Robert Greene is a much better book to learn that same lesson.

If you are at absolute rock bottom of your life and have never read a self-help book then yes this book might have some value for you but even then there are better contenders which more bang for your time and money. I read this book 3 years ago and without me even knowing it, it set me on a path of personal growth and exploration that I could have never dreamed of. As a result of reading this book, I committed to reading 10 pages of a good book every day.

From there, other little changes started flowing. Now, 3 years later, I've read or listened to over 40 great books, transformed the relationships I have with my friends and family, and has even inspired me to create my own Rise Up movement to pay it forward. So many people I've shared this book with tell me it's too repetitive, he just says the same thing again and again That may be true, yet if you read it the way I did, one day, one chapter at a time, you will find that there's more than just knowledge in this book.

Used that way it is a catalyst for action. One final note, this book came to me as a result of a friend giving it to me. He read it and thought it would be helpful for me. My transformation is the ripple effect of another man's transformation. That, and the slight edge change over the pastcouple3 years is enough of proof for me to know the power of this message and stick with it for the rest of my life. I'm 23 now I got a long way to go.

Inspiration and motivation starts right here. I was introduced to this book on an audio CD. I was I liked it so much I ordered a paperback. I've read the paperback so many times that it's held together with paperclips and a rubber band. Of course I could download myself another book, but is something about the appreciation of the original one that makes me keep the tattered book. But the way the author writes it so eloquently it somehow pushes another charge under your feet.

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The perspective of what you already know then turns into a burst of empowerment and you're ready to takeoff and implement the "Slight Edge" into your daily life. You finally make it work for you, and you see it works. I download the hardback with hopes they will continue to read it and hopefully it will not fall apart like my paperback. See all 1, reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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Learn more about site Prime.She was getting skinny, her face looked like death and, honestly, I was worried. If we saw each other at a party, we made it our business to walk past each other with disgust.

Get to Know Us. The Seven Slight Edge Habits 3. Of course you do! Some people think that community is just your town or your city. No matter what show up every single day.

Then he asked me if I wanted to go to college.

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