Best evidence 5 editions. By David S. Lifton. Best evidence: disguise and deception in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Format Mass Market Paperback. The top history books of last year picked by site Book Review Editor, Chris Schluep. Lifton's "Final Charade" when it is published will be the most important book to read on the assassination of JFK. Best evidence: disguise and deception in the assassination of John F. by: Lifton, David S Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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David Lifton believes that John Kennedy's body was stolen and mutilated in the paperback edition of: Lifton, David: Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in. Download and Read Free Online Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the F. Kennedy David S. Lifton by David S. Lifton ebook PDF download. Best. with the subtitle, "Best Evidence" Hoax and David Lifton's War Against Critics of the Warren Commission. As we have seen, his use of the word "hoax" is more.

Lifton had acquired these photos after the initial publication of Best Evidence, from a former Secret Service employee who had made private copies with the permission of Agent Roy Kellerman. Lifton claims that the actual photographs are consistent with his thesis of body alteration. Summary[ edit ] Best Evidence is written in the first-person as a chronological narrative of his year search for the truth about the Kennedy assassination.

It is not written just as a theory of what took place on November 22, , but also to highlight his personal quest to solve the puzzle through a meticulous and time-consuming search for new evidence that could finally resolve the many factual conflicts in the record. He details evidence—using both the Warren Commission documents and original research and interviews with those involved at both Dallas and Bethesda—of a stark and radical change between the descriptions of the wounds by the medical staff at Dallas and those at Bethesda.

He read, according to a report by FBI agents Siebert and O'Neill who attended the autopsy and took notes on everything they observed, that it was "apparent that a tracheotomy had been performed He posits that after John F. Kennedy's assassination, unnamed conspirators on Air Force One removed Kennedy's body from its original bronze casket and placed it in a shipping casket, while en route from Dallas to Washington.

Once the presidential plane arrived at Andrews Air Force Base , the shipping casket with the President's body in it was surreptitiously taken by helicopter from the side of the plane that was out of the television camera's view.

Kennedy's body was then taken to an unknown location — most likely Walter Reed Army Medical Center — where the body was surgically altered to make it appear that he was shot only from the rear.

And that would be about a half million dollars today. I disagree with Belin who said it would be a million. I had a banker compute this and that's one of the many things we would probably disagree on is the rate of inflation since Despite the substantial price paid for the film, for all rights, it was not exploited by Time Life as a motion picture film, i. No newsreels, no TV specials, nothing. Yet one of the most controversial aspects of the film were never addressed by the Warren Commission was the violent backward motion of the head depicted on the frames following the fatal shot.

What this means has been debated back and forth over the years.

Passions run high on both sides. For reasons I never understand, the Warren Commission failed to address the issue.

Best Evidence

In other words, if we're to believe the record, the Warren Commission apparently didn't notice the very thing which has fueled the assassination debate for three decades. I might add, Professor Liebeler appeared here this morning and put the B. Jones report, a fellow from UCLA, on the table here and his contributing it. Thank you very much Professor Liebeler we already have that in the Archives. That was contributed 15 or 20 years ago with the Rockefeller Commission when that was already submitted to try to explain the backward snap of the head.

But in anyway it's being resubmitted and I suppose there's no real danger in recycling that sort of thing. The film is important for another reason. Because Zapruder was filming through a telephoto lens, some of the frames show the wounds and so the film constitutes an unusual photographic record of the President's wounds in Dallas.

In order to do any work with the Zapruder film, whether about the wounds or about the motions shown, the velocity, the car, et cetera, the clearest possible copy is required. In commercial production applications a device known as an optical printer is normally used to copy motion picture film frame by frame particularly if blowups are to be made.

But optical printers are not designed to accept home movies which are an eight millimeter format. Where film technician Moses Weitzman designed a device permitting a high quality full commercial optical printer to accept an 8 millimeter home movie film. Then in one fell swoop he enlarged the Zapruder film from 8 millimeter to 35 millimeter format.

The kind used in standard motion picture work. The result is stunning as anyone knows who has seen the movie JFK, or who has downloadd a laser disk copy of that film. One reason for the clarity is that Weitzman used a liquid gate, or a wet gate as it's called, which permits a liquid of the same index of refraction as the emulsion of the film to come in contact with the frame when it is imaged.

The result is that scratches are eliminated or greatly reduced in the copy. The very best of these 35 millimeter negatives and interpositives were given to the customer Time Life and I would hope that Review Board would attempt to locate these with all resources you have available to you. They are a priceless record of our history.

But with regard to the 35 millimeter negatives, known as technician copies, which Weitzman kept in his lab, these he gave to another researcher and they remain as they always have, completely unavailable to the research community.

But in before that transfer took place, I had the opportunity to work with one of these 35 millimeter negatives.

The best of the lot I'm told. One which had been loaned to the producer of the TV show Nova by Weitzman.

Item Preview

First I supervised making high quality timed liquid gate contact interpositives. Operating the printer myself I also made high quality liquid gate interpositives from the 35 millimeter negative. Then I made interpositive blowup sequences directly from that same 35 millimeter interneg.

Some focusing on Kennedy, some on Connally, some on the two Secret Service agents in the front of the car. I'm holding here one of those 35 millimeter interpositives.

JFK Assassination Books Online

From this archival item, this 35 millimeter interpositive, it should be possible to make many negative positive pairs. That is, this 35 millimeter interpositive can be the progenitor of many 35 millimeter internegatives and they in turn can be used to create 35 millimeter positives, whether they be slides or motion picture film. Although I defer to Moses Weitzman, you can call this item the Lifton interpositive made from the Weitzman internegative. I cannot over emphasize the high quality of the original Weitzman internegative.

One researcher who has worked in this area tells me that although he has bought rights for the film from the Zapruder family, when it comes to actually using pictures for his book, the negative from this interpositive, producers' positive images that are clearer than he can obtain from the corresponding source item at the National Archives.

It does not surprise me that this is the case because Weitzman is a fine technical person and the internegative he made, which was done in , is certainly equal and probably better than anything made by Life for the FBI or Secret Service back in '63 and '64, and may be better than anything made today in depending upon what has happened to the original film over the intervening decades. Even though the Zapruder film and certain other evidence indicated gunfire from the Grassy Knoll, the "best evidence" in the case and the evidence that would be given the most credence in a court of law was the official autopsy.

Therefore, the conspirators altered the body of President Kennedy to make it appear he had been shot from behind. To assure the success of their scheme, the plotters had to change the nature of the wounds on the body in order to make it appear that it contained only evidence of rear-entry wounds.

The conspirators, therefore, carried out an elaborate plot of what Lifton calls "deception and disguise," a fantastic plot that entailed altering the body of John Kennedy.

From interviews with witnesses at Bethesda and from other sources, Lifton concludes that the body was removed from its bronze coffin while the presidential party was aboard Air Force One on the trip from Dallas to Washington.I think there was a conspiracy at the highest levels of government to eliminate Kennedy, and I think the masterminds behind it would have gone to any length - even such an unimaginable one as body alteration - to get the job done.

Since the wound in the throat, originally identified as a front entry wound, was now bigger and more ragged and looked like an exit wound, all the President's wounds now conformed to the Warren Commission's 'lone killer' theory, and the Bethesda autopsy team, understandably, fell in with this, confirming that all the wounds gave the appearance of having been made from shots from the rear. Once the presidential plane arrived at Andrews Air Force Base , the shipping casket with the President's body in it was surreptitiously taken by helicopter from the side of the plane that was out of the television camera's view.

This book was an eye-opener. Whatever terms might have been unfamiliar he explained, and I kept reading without resorting to outside references.

I'm holding here one of those 35 millimeter interpositives. O'Connor , who assisted Drs. It would be unduly malevolent to describe the Thornley affair as a dirty and calculated frameup. In the corridor outside the bedroom he hesitated.

Garrison has taken the time not only to acquaint himself with the published literature critical of the Warren Report, but also with the authors of the various books and articles involved.

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