Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light (イタチ真伝 光明篇, Itachi Shinden Kōmyō-hen , Viz: Naruto: Itachi's Story, Vol. 1: Daylight, Literally meaning: Itachi True Story. 2: Midnight, Literally meaning: Itachi True Story: Book of Dark Night) is an original story written by Takashi Yano Previous, Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light. Itachi Uchiha remembers with clarity the day he realised who he was. His father, who had stopped at his side, wouldn’t even give him any words of consolation. And between the sound of the heavy rain, rang the strong words of his father, that touched Itachi’s heart.

Itachi Shinden Book Of Bright Light

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Title: Naruto: Itachi's story: daylight / Masashi Kishimoto, Takashi Yano . The instant it was almost entirely closed, a crimson light grew in the eyes of the four men. .. The eyes below thin eyebrows were almond-shaped and bright, while at the same Ever since he was little, he had read a lot of books in between bouts of. 2 Naruto Shinden - Volume 01 - Itachi Shinden - Book of Daylight [VIZ][ CalibreV1DPC] · 3 Naruto Shinden - Volume 02 - Itachi Shinden - Book. Truthfully since the moment that the Naruto Shinden novel Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light and Book of Dark Night were being adapted this.

In the end though the clan accepts the move. However its clear this is likely one of the slights that would see Fugaku and the Uchiha attempt a rebellion sometime in the future.

During the rebuilding Itachi continues to care for his younger brother. Seeing him Izumi the girl from before rushes over and blushing says thank you for saving her. Itachi however seems distracted likely by the responsibility of carrying Sasuke.

Not until he is returned to Itachi does Sasuke stop crying, showing even in his youth Sasuke was always massively attached to Itachi. Furthermore for long time Naruto fans this finally potentially deals with an issue of contention within the fandom.

Itachi Shinden: Book of Dark Night

The idea did Itachi have a girlfriend, something even Kishimoto never really seemed to know. However it quickly becomes clear Itachi is no ordinary student. Indeed he is beyond even extraordinary. Able to single handedly take out Upperclassmen and master every Jutsu Itachi is a clear genius. So much so his studies bore him, instead he wishes to learn Jutsu from his father. During one of their first sessions Itachi is able to use the historic Uchiha technique - K aton Goukakyuu no Jutsu after being shown it only once impressing his father.

Eventually after protecting a bunch of classmates who previous resented him for his skills and massive popularity with their female classmates they become his friend.

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Mostly as this is a side of Itachi we have never really seen previously. However Itachi seems to be distant from his friends.

Who viewers know will one day go on to unlock the Mangekyou Sharingan along with Itachi. Coupled with his top marks in all his classes and impressive fighting ability Itachi graduates from the Academy after only a year.

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Showing that in terms of raw talent Itachi is far superior to even Sasuke. However this does require Itachi to leave behind his friends ending the episode. As I wrote above this episode saw a different kind of Itachi a more human one if you will. Until next week.

The A. Itachi had more than exceeded expectations though so they could not deny him being appointed valedictorian. Izumi did not take the exam and thus stayed a student at the academy. Tenma was still antagonistic towards Itachi.

Normally, upper rank shinobi like the ANBU took care of such missions. However, due to the Hyuuga Hinata kidnapping incident, genin teams had to take higher level missions as the upper rank shinobi were all busy. Itachi attended his first clan meeting at the Naka shrine.

Age 8: Team 2 was chosen to do a mission to guard the Daimyo for his annual trip to Konoha. Traditionally, the genin team which performed the best during the year got given this mission.

On the road towards Konoha, a mysterious man appeared before them. It was a man in black, wearing an orange mask. The man casted a genjutsu. Tenma and Itachi were the only ones not caught in it. Tenma attacked, but his fist just went through. He was then killed by the man.

The accompanying ANBU squad had arrived. Everyone in the group were shakened by what had happened. The Daimyou returned to the capital while Team 2 returned to Konoha. After seeing the harsh reality of the ninja world, Shinko gave up her ninja qualification and started civilian work in Konoha.

Two recent graduates were then assigned to Team 2; Himuka and Aburame Youji.

Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light

The new Team 2 took on training and D-ranks under Minazuki Yuuki. Age 9: The higher-ups nominated Itachi to take the chuunin exam the next year, bypassing his jounin instructor Minazuki Yuuki.

Age 10 or Itachi took the chuunin exam solo, without a team. All the other examinees took the exam in a three-person cell. The first exam was a written one. The score for this exam would only be given after the second exam was completed. The second exam took place in training ground Each team must get both a Heaven scroll and an Earth scroll.

Itachi defeated a Mist team to get the other scroll he needed. He set a record time in getting to the centre. He fought in the second round third fight with Nemui of Kumo. Itachi aimed for the times when Nemui woke up for a few moments, in order to cast genjutsu using his sharingan. After a few times, Nemui became unable to put himself to sleep and started crying in fear. Thus, Itachi won the match.

Itachi successfully became a chuunin.

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He met up with Izumi during his vacation. Izumi had now been slated to graduate from the Academy one year early.

Shinko, now a civilian, worked at a tea shop they visited. She teased Itachi a little about Izumi. She then talked about why she quit being a ninja. Itachi felt happy that he was able to reduce the number of ninja in the world, even if only by one person.

Itachi then asked Izumi why she wanted to become a ninja. After Itachi pressured her a little, Izumi told him that it was not just because her father was a ninja, but also because she wanted to follow the path of the person she admired.

Izumi then started crying and ran off without looking back. The two elders Koharu and Homura protested. Hiruzen and Danzo are fine with it. Mukai had been found to have a link with Kiri.

#Novel : Itachi shinden: Koumyouhen (book of bright light) summary

He was 34 years old and specialized in taijutsu gentle fist. As the split from the Hyuuga was many generations ago, it was believed that the Kohinata family no longer has the Byakugan.

Itachi was allowed to bring one other shinobi he trusted on the mission, and he chose Shisui.But he also had no intention of letting them hit him. The new ninja had both graduated from the academy that year. The two Itachi Shinden novels received a loose adaptation for the Naruto: And not a single one at peace. Some of our missions will be tough. Itachi met up with Shisui to discuss the mission, and the target- Mukai. And his teacher and classmates would learn just how serious later.

That's what they all thought, so they laughed at him, they clapped mechanically. Looking back on his year, the mission first accomplished after becoming a genin, that of taking care of the Iwagakure spy, was maybe the hardest he'd been on. He was not Uchiha but her mother was Uchiha.

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