J Ethnopharmacol. Apr 2; doi: /ciofreedopadkin.ml Epub Feb 9. Tagetes lucida Cav.: Ethnobotany, phytochemistry and. Nat Prod Res. Jan doi: / [Epub ahead of print]. Anti-inflammatory activity of coumarins isolated from Tagetes lucida. Items - of Trop. 52(Epub Jun Los aceites esenciales extraídos de las partes aéreas de la planta Tagetes lucida ciofreedopadkin.mlada en.

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52(4)Epub Jun Key words:Tagetes lucida,Asteraceae, essential oil,phenylpropanoid,methyl chavicol,bithienyls. The genus Tagetes belongs. Tagetes (marigold) is native to America, and its cultivation currently extends to other countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Many species of this. Tagetes lucida is a PERENNIAL growing to m (2ft 7in) by m (1ft 4in). It is hardy to zone (UK) 9. It is in flower from August to September. The species is.

This oil does not contain ocimenones,tagetones and dihydrotagetone that are characteristic compounds of the majority of the Tagetes oils studied previously Lawrence , , Zygadlo et al. These types of compounds are characteristic secondary metabolites of the Asteraceae family Bohlmann et al. These two compounds were identified previously from the flower oil of T. Compounds containing sulfur are not commonly encountered constituents of essential oils.

It is of interest to mention that methyl chavicol estragole is a common constituent of several aromatic plants used as food additives like anise,basil,fennel and tarragon.

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Biological studies with mice revealed that methyl chavicol is a naturally occurring genotoxic carcinogen after chronic exposure or after few repeated doses De Vincenzi et al. Se identificaron treinta compuestos. En el aceite de las flores se detectaron e identificaron dos compuestos minoritarios que resultaron ser bitienilos no informados anteriormente como constituyentes de esta planta. Palabras clave:Tagetes lucida ,Asteraceae,aceites esenciales,fenilpropanoides,metil chavicol, bitienilos.

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Anti-inflammatory activity of coumarins isolated from Tagetes lucida Cav.

Registry of Mass Spectral Data. New York. Atlas of Medicinal Plants of Middle America. Bahamas to Yucatan. However, plants grown in Singapore typically do not produce fruits.

Habitat : Occurs in forests and on hilly or rocky slopes. Cultivation : Plant in well-drained soil and space individuals 0. Usually a hardy plant that is resistant to pests and disease.

However, the plant may become susceptible to leaf miners, leaf spot, whiteflies, spider mites, leaf spot caused by bacterial pathogens, powdery mildew, damping off and botrytis.

In the lowland tropics like Singapore , it is easier to grow than French Tarragon. The flavor has also been described as being similar to licorice or anise. Flowers may be consumed raw in salads. The leaves may be added to fish or egg dishes. In Latin America, a popular tea is brewed from its leaves and flowers.Voluntary Introduction and description Marigold is the common name for the plant Tagetes spp. This paper aims to evaluate the potential, the scientific and economical limitations and future research directions regarding different alternative methods of tick control and their use in integrated pest management, with a separate reference to the pet industry.

It is used as a spice,for medicine,as insecticide and as ornamental plant.

A very ornamental plant, there are some named varieties. Oil of Tagetes lucida Cav. Flowers are composite, having both disk flowers on the inside and ray flowers with petal-like structures on the outside. Preparation, Properties and Uses.

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