This article describes how to troubleshoot the following Offline Address Book issues in Microsoft Outlook in a Microsoft Office environment: Users can't. to troubleshoot Offline Address Book issues in Outlook in an Office You can't find a user in the offline address book in Office. When you search for a person in your organization's offline address book (OAB) in Microsoft Office , you can't find that person.

Cannot Offline Address Book Office 365

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Solution: after deleting the C:\Users\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Offline Address Books folder those email address appeared on the wht does this. When the Exchange Offline Address Book doesn't download Outlook clients like it should, administrators have plenty of options for easy fixes. After you migrate to Office Email & Calendar, you may receive a bounceback when emailing colleagues you've emailed before or sending updates to.

Users can only be edited in Active Directory On-Prem , and user changes in Office is not allowed.

Tips and tricks to solve Outlook contact list issue

By default, no one is a member of the Address List role, not even Tenant Admins. You may wish to filter your address lists based on another attribute — there are lots of options here, so have fun! As previously mentioned, when you create new Address Lists existing users in Office do not show up. Address Lists can only be managed via PowerShell. The Solution: The solution can be summarized by the following bullet points.

Simple ways to troubleshoot Exchange Offline Address Book problems

Note in this example, Asia is filtered to compare output with the EMC. Not sure how to do this? Users will be added to the Address List if they have a mailbox and located in the Asia Office.

Confirm that the person has an Exchange Online mailbox" section. If the user isn't present, check whether the user was deleted intentionally or if the user has to be restored.

Change offline address book download details

Step 3: Confirm that the person has an Exchange Online mailbox Note You have to be an Office admin to complete this step. Use the Exchange admin center to make sure that the Exchange Online mailbox wasn't removed. Open Exchange Admin Center.

To do this, sign in to the Office portal, click Admin , and then click Exchange. In the left navigation pane, click Recipients , and then click Mailboxes. Check whether the user is set up in Exchange Online.

If the person who you're looking for isn't in your organization, select Contacts to locate the entry. Check back after another 24 hours to see whether the OAB is updated.

Office 365: Update the Offline Global Address List in Outlook

If the mailbox isn't present, check whether the person was deleted intentionally or if the person has to be restored. This issue can occur for several reasons, including the following: You are viewing an outdated version of the OAB.

Please login. You have exceeded the maximum character limit. Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address. Please check the box if you want to proceed. Address Book functionality.

Specifically, the Offline Address Book may fail to download to Outlook clients. But there are several steps you can try to correct it. The vast majority of Exchange Offline Address Book problems you're likely to encounter after an Outlook deployment are related to public folders. The main issue is that legacy versions of Exchange Server use public folders for Offline Address Book distribution.

Outlook doesn't support public-folder-based Offline Address Book distribution because of Microsoft's efforts to move away from public folders. Web-based distribution is a Client Access Server function.

Although this process sounds simple enough, its success depends on proper configuration. There are a number of things that cause problems with Web-based distributions.

As I mentioned at the beginning, you're most likely to experience problems if you connect Outlook to a legacy Exchange Server environment. One of the reasons for this is that Microsoft has introduced multiple versions of the Offline Address Book over the years.

If you're running something older than Exchange , there's a chance you're using an incompatible Offline Address Book format. This glitch prevented Outlook clients from being able to download the Exchange Offline Address Book.

To fix this problem, open the Exchange Management Shell and enter the following command to enable the checkbox:. The problems we've discussed so far only occur in situations when using Outlook in a legacy Exchange Server environment, but Outlook can have trouble downloading the Offline Address Book even in an Exchange environment.

Office 365: Update the Offline Global Address List in Outlook

One of the most commonly reported problems in Exchange environments is when external users are not able to download the Offline Address Book. This problem can often be attributed to a mismatched or incorrectly configured URL. Exchange does not configure an external URL by default Figure 1. You can set an external URL by entering the following command:.

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So what do you do if the correct external URL is listed but external clients are still unable to download the Exchange Offline Address Book?If the existing Outlook profile is corrupted, this corruption could be the cause of the issue. Use the Test E-mail AutoConfiguration tool in Outlook to check whether the Autodiscover service and the Availability service are working. Privacy policy.

Make sure that the correct email address is in the E-mail Address box.

It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Read carefully to find the best answer that suits the current scenario. Check whether the user is set up in Exchange Online.

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