( from 9 reviews). From nationally bestselling author Kristina Cook comes an award-winning historical romance set in Regency England--first time in digital!. Historical Romance Books - Step into the excitement, drama and romance of days gone by. Historical romance novels are set before the World Wars. Experience. The best Romance Novels and Love Stories as pdf, epub and site ebooks. Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy, Historical Romance Novels and many more !.

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Link to Lucky in Love, an online historical romance book by Cari Hislop. Lucky in Love - A FREE online regency romance novella. Edmund, Earl of Warenne. Feel free to download the PDF printable booklist below to see all books, series, and available formats. Know exactly which historical romance series you're. Results 1 - 20 of Explore our list of Historical Romance NOOK Books at Barnes & Noble®. Shop now & receive FREE Shipping on orders $25 & up!.

Ask her parents for help, despite their disapproval and skepticism.

Historical Romance

Mike Gennaro. Healing Desire is a novella of a divorcee, who has overcome all obstacles out of her life, renewed with her children, success in love and money.

Money, love, romance and drama all in giving love a second chance. Diane Murray, a young multi-billionaire loves Rick, a poor guy deeply and he loves her deeply too but their fantasy is the opposite of each other.

What will happen if their fantasy suddenly show up? Will their love stand the test of time? Diane's Fantasy is a pure romance fiction that shows the A one-night stand leaves two strangers craving for more. What harm can there be in losing herself in his touch? He tells his tale of love, war, and survival in the extermination camps.


Fictional romance with a backdrop of historical accurate events. Yet, the battle was not at all what he expected, and he soon found himself alone and stranded in Scotland. Her father Happy Holidays?

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It certainly didn't seem that way. Melissa, a rich young socialite, was struggling to deal with the fact of her Grandfather's Alzheimer's. She was fighting her family to keep Grandfather in the care that he so desperately needed. Larry, an amateur auctioneer, was about to lose his She narrates the worst of her dating experiences London offered and the lessons she learnt from them. She shares without concession, her disillusionment, her joys, and her own A family goes through the struggles of life as they try to see the other side of love.

Redeeming a Rake. Geoffrey Lyndsey Grayson, the thirteen Duke of Lyndhurst, is trapped in an emotional winter.

His childhood dream of finding love is frozen under thick sheets of ice along with his heart. He feels nothing but discomfort as he passively waits for death to end the nothingness.

He knows it's too late for love The Curse of Love. The absence of privacy has soured Timothy's tender introverted heart. He's resolved to die a bachelor; any other ending is unthinkable. As far as Timothy is concened, love is a myth made up by old ladies to inflict feelings of failure on the young.

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An Unlikely Hero. The word love has no emotional definition in his brain while the word romance can only be conceived as a state of heightened sexual pleasure. As he meets death at the end of a rapier in a senseless duel of honour he belatedly longs to find a woman who can love him, whatever that means. I recommended you read Introducing Smirke before starting this book. A Companion For Life.

Miss Lily Leigh's life is like a badly written fairytale.

When her parents die she's enslaved to Rosamund, her heartless older sister. After more than a decade of pain and humiliation, the only thing that keeps her going is the hope that one day she'll catch another glimpse of Mr Penryth Bowen, the man her sister jilted eighteen years ago.

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I love writing Regency Romances. If you are unfamiliar with the genre, the romance is set in the late English Georgian era which lasted from As a reader and a writer this genre has always appealed to me. There's something magical about the Georgian period.

I love the fashions, the architecture, and the people it created; it was an age of heroes and villains in every facet of life.

I will put all my future historical romance books online and I hope to complete more romance novels during the coming year. If you wish to sample my Regency world, simply read Lucky in Love, a free online historical romance, then try one or more of the free online previews. Enjoy the preview, then join as a member and read historical romance novels online to your hearts content!

Thank you for taking the time to visit Regency Romance Novels. Please come back soon! I plan to have more online romances for you to read during the year!

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And what will Jane do once she uncovers Mr. As with many of the characters in the free-romance-novels and stories you read here on obooko, your partner may have a few objectionable tendencies, which may lead to the cooling and eventual termination of a romance.

Did you know that Antidepressant drugs are likely to have an adverse effect on romantic love?

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