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Dark Desire (Desire, OK 5) Raw Desire (Desire, OK 6) Submission to Desire ( Desire, OK 7) Desire For Three: Winning Back Jesse (More Desire, OK 1) Reluctant. Submission to Desire book. Read 39 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Brenna Nelson roars into Desire, Oklahoma, for the express pur. Download submission to desire leah brooke pdf. image. There was Mr Tite Barnacle, from the Circumlocution Office, and Mews Street.

I love writing and can't imagine anything more satisfying than doing what I'm doing now. I hope people who read my books get the same satisfaction I get from books. A: The computer! To say I'm not exactly computer savvy would be a gross understatement. I write every word of my book on notebook paper in a three ring binder. I type a chapter at a time into the computer and print it all out to edit. Even when I download e-books, I print them out and put them in binders to read!

Q: What do you hope readers get from your stories? A: Escape. I want my books to take readers away from the problems and stress of their lives if only for a short time. Having limited free time and a stress filled schedule, I can't imagine not reading. I've picked up a book after a particularly grueling day and was in a great mood an hour later.

There are so many wonderful authors out there who've given me stories that make the stress melt away. I would love to be able to do that for others. His body, though, appeared to be something he worked at religiously. Wide shoulders tapered down to a small waist, and she would bet the entire balance of her savings account that he had a six-pack that would make grown women drool.

Noticing the bulge behind the zipper of his jeans, she swallowed heavily and hurriedly looked away, her cheeks burning at the wicked thoughts racing through her mind. Her imagination went wild as visions of kneeling in front of him, his hands in her hair as she sucked his cock, fueled the hunger already burning inside of her.

The need to touch him had her clenching her hands at her sides, her entire body stiffening against the arousal that made her pussy clench and her nipples tingle with anticipation. If hed started ripping her clothes from her then and there, she would have helped himher hunger so strong it dampened her panties and made her entire body flush.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to get her heart to stop pounding, struggling not to gape at his huge biceps stretching the short sleeves of his shirt, but no matter where she looked, she found impressive muscle everywhere.

She could almost feel his strength, a strength that would hold her securely, a power she couldnt escape as he forced her to accept whatever he chose to do to her.

Meeting his gaze, she recognized the confidence glittering in his bluegreen eyes, a confidence shed only seen in the club back home. The self-assurance that he could control her with her own needs, and his own ability to handle the passion he unleashed, had to be the sexiest and the most alarming thing shed ever experienced.

Bristling at his arrogance, and with the sexual awareness it inspired, she shifted restlessly, her imagination running wild. Thoughts of being on her knees in front of him and begging for permission to suck his cock had her scrambling for composure. The realization that shed rushed into something she might not be equipped to handle almost had her racing for the door. He didnt appear easy to move, and the look in his eyes told her he didnt plan to let her leave anytime soon.

She couldnt allow his intimidation or her lust for him to keep her from saying what shed come here to say. Lifting her chin higher, she swallowed heavily at the flash of something dark and dangerous in his eyes, reluctantly drawn to the underlying gleam of male interest. Youre one of the owners?

Inwardly cursing the hesitancy in her voice, she forced herself to face him squarely. The steadiness of his gaze made her decidedly uncomfortable, the threat in his eyes unmistakably sexual.


I just told you I am. I dislike repeating myself. Whats your name, Red? She didnt know why his nickname warmed her, or why when he said it in that deep, slow rumble, she wanted to crawl up his body and feast on him. Resisting the urge to look away, she frowned up at him.

My names Brenna Nelson. Dont call me Red.

Well, Brenna Nelson, you want to tell me whats got your panties in a bunch? His words and that superior look of his had the fury rushing back. Bracing her feet, she fisted her hands on her hips and glared up at him, wishing shed worn higher heels. My panties in a bunch? You Neanderthal! You run a club that teaches men how to abuse women and then let them loose on the rest of the world.

I get stalked, attacked, and have to file police reports to deal with one of your students, and you want to know why my panties are in a bunch? His expression hardened with each word, changing dramatically by the time she finished. With a huge arm, he gestured toward an open door off the hall. Come in and tell me what youre talking about. Right now. Gripping her upper arm in an unbreakable hold, a hold that sent even more violent need racing through her, he led her down the hallway.

Chagrined at the rush of moisture that dampened her panties even more, she tried to keep up with his long stride. The concern in his eyes touched her, warming something inside her that made her want him even more. Clenching her jaw, she hardened her tone, not about to show any sign of weakness. Your sheriff caught him and I had to go identify him as the man whos been harassing me.

King surprised her by nodding. Eugene Donner. And you couldnt leave town without telling us what you thought about us. I can understand that. Come in. Not about to let his tenderness get to her, or let the sympathy in his eyes take the wind out of her sails, Brenna crossed her arms over her chest and pulled away from him.

Shaken and disappointed that hed done nothing about Donner, she didnt even attempt to hide her scorn. You knew about this guy? You knew he was harassing me and you didnt do anything about it? You know, youre even sleazier than I thought. At least other Doms are out there who know how to treat a woman! Something flashed in his eyes, something that looked suspiciously like jealousy.

Wrapping a huge hand around her upper arm, he half dragged her the rest of the way down the hallway. What the hell do you know about Doms? Do you have one? Lifting a finger when she opened her mouth to tell him that it was none of his business, he shook his head and pulled her into a room off of the hallway, slamming the door behind him.

Okay, spill it. Tell me everything right now. Do you belong to someone? Who is it and where can I find him? Trying to hide the leap of excitement at his anger and the intent to possess her glittering in his ever-changing eyes, now darkened to greenish blue, Brenna lifted her chin and glared at him. Listen, buddy, my life is none of your business.

I just came here to tell you I think youre slime. Who the hell do you think you are, telling men its all right to abuse womenteaching them how to do it for Gods sakeand then letting them loose? It might be okay for you in your dinky town here She paused when he raised a brow at that and opened his mouth to speak, but she ruthlessly cut him off. Dont try to make excuses for yourself. Do you know what that man has been doing to me for the last year?

He got this idea from you and all the other assholes here, that he was Gods gift to women. He figured that he could rape a woman and it was okay if he could make her come. He thinks no means yes. Hes been following me and bothered me so much at work that I ended up getting fired. He broke into my car, my apartment, and my locker at the gym. He called me day and night no matter how many times I changed my number. I called the police over and over and this bastard still managed to ruin my life!

Did he hurt you? Did he rape you? Taken aback by the underlying rage in his cold voice, Brenna blinked and stood frozen, held in a gaze so mesmerizing, it took several heartstopping moments before she could answer.

Other than Donner, shed never seen such rage in a mans eyes before, his anger making them even bluer. Donners fury had been frightening enough. She could only imagine what it would be like to have Kings directed at her instead of at Eugene Donner. Shaking her head, she turned away to look out the window, uneasy in the presence of the sexuality he exuded with no apparent effort at all.

No, he didnt rape me. He caught me at my apartment one night, though, after work. He wouldnt leave and wouldnt let me leave. I spent over an hour trying to escape, reasoning with him and fighting him until one of my neighbors came home and heard my screams.

I needed stitches in my leg and had a broken wrist by the time my neighbor broke the door down. Eugene went out the sliding door and jumped off my balcony and escaped. She purposely spoke in a monotone in an attempt to keep the horror of that night from her voice. Hearing the door open, Brenna spun, her jaw dropping to see the most gorgeous man shed ever seen in her life come into the room, closing the door behind him. If his looks hadnt been enough, the power in his eyes and in his graceful walk made it impossible not to stare.

Realizing her mouth had dropped open, she snapped it shut, struggling to appear unaffected. He looked to be about the same height as King, but the similarities ended there.

Instead of being heavily muscled, he was whipcord lean. Instead of the hard, almost primitive presence of King, this man oozed sex and. His hair, black as midnight, hung well past his shoulders in curls she never would have considered sexy on a man until now.

His smile, all white teeth and charm, and green eyes sparkling with male interest as they raked over her, made her weak in the knees. Well, hello. He glanced at King, frowning when he looked back at her, his eyes narrowing.

Whats going on? Sebastian said there might be trouble. King never took his eyes from her, his expression thoughtful. With his arms crossed over his massive chest, he lowered himself onto the arm of a nearby chair, eyeing her in concern.

Anger still swirled in his eyes, along with something else she couldnt quite identify. This is Brenna Nelson. Shes the woman that Eugene Donner was fixated on. She came by to tell us what bastards we are by condoning his behavior. Red, this is Royce Harley, another one of the owners of Club Desire. To her shock, Royce rushed over to her and took her hands in his. Are you all right? We knew he was obsessed with a woman, but didnt know who.

Alarmed at the wave of heat that raced up her arms, Brenna yanked her hands out of his grasp and took several steps back. Im fine now, no thanks to you people. She eyed them both scornfully. I hope you take this seriously now and close this place down.

Its nothing but trouble. Now, if youll excuse me, Ill be going. She didnt care for the fact that their concern had her softening toward them, not when shed carried her rage for so long. Finding herself drawn to them hadnt been in her plans at all. The need to get out of here as quickly as possible had her scrambling for the door. Please dont ever make another woman deal with what I had to deal with.

King came to his feet and blocked her, his eyes unreadable. Im sorry for what you had to go through, but youve got us all wrong.

Youve had your say, and now Id like to tell you our side. Id like to explain some things to you. With both men moving closer and eyeing her in the strangest way, she sidestepped King and moved toward the door. I really dont want to hear anything you have to say. As far as Im concerned, youve done enough! Royce scowled and took a seat at one end of the sofa. Our sheriff is the one who caught him. Weve been looking for that son of a bitch for months.

Hes been causing trouble here, too, and hurt a couple of women. He told the sheriff that he was mad as hell at the people in this town because a woman he wanted rejected him.

He resented the people who live the kind of life here he thought he wanted. It turns out he didnt understand us at all.

He saw what he wanted to see and thats it.

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He smiled coldly, his brow lifted in challenge. It seems you and he have a lot in common after all. Knowing damned well that she was being manipulated didnt take the sting out of his words.

Storming back across the room, her hands fisted at her sides, she railed at him. Im nothing like him! Im the victim here, remember, not you. Dont try to make it my fault that those other women got hurt. Blame yourselves for creating a monster. Damn it, as much as she knew it hadnt been her fault at all, she felt terrible that other women had been hurt because of Donners anger with her.

Blowing out a breath, she turned to find King staring at her. How badly were they hurt? King gestured toward the other end of the sofa from where Royce sat, a strong hand at her back guiding her to it. Considering that he hit the sheriffs wife with his truck and threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of the womens club when they were having a demonstration, not bad.

We were very lucky. Thank God. Still, they were hurt, not something we take lightly in Desire. Stunned at how much trouble her stalker had caused, Brenna dropped onto the sofa, holding herself stiffly as King took a seat in a leather chair across from her.

He was deranged. King inclined his head, fisting his hands at his sides. Yes, he was. We knew he was dangerous, and thats why we kept him on. Brenna frowned, disappointed in them just when shed begun to think they really cared about the damage Donner had done.

So, you liked the fact that he wanted to hurt women. I knew it. Any men who would own a place like this must really hate women. Im sure he fit right in. You people make me sick. She shot to her feet with the intention of getting the hell out of here before she threw something at their heads, but King moved fast for such a large man and caught her before she could even take a step.

With fire in his eyes, he gripped her upper arms. I dont appreciate being judged by a woman who doesnt know the first thing about me. Royce came to his feet, no longer smiling. Or what we do here. We kept Donner close to watch him. We all talked to him over and over about the way to treat women, and Blade, our partner, even went out to meet with him.

We were afraid that he would be a danger to women in the club in Virginia, and even went so far as to warn the owners there. King gestured toward the sofa, leading her back to it. As she sat, he braced a hand on the arm and loomed over her.

We knew that there was a woman he was fixated on, but we didnt know who you were. Were very sorry that you had to go through that. We do not promote abusing women. Breathing a sigh of relief when King stepped back, and watching the play of muscle as he perched on the arm of the chair across from her, Brenna fisted her hands on her lap. Youre Doms, right? Even if she didnt know that they owned this place, she would know that they were.

Something about their presence reminded her of the Dominants shed met back in Virginia. It was in their posture, in their eyes, and in the way they looked at a woman, as though not wanting to miss a single weakness that they could exploit at their leisure. The confidence, and arrogance, couldnt be mistaken. King inclined his head. We are. Expecting that answer, and the cool tone, Brenna nodded.

So, are you going to try to tell me that you dont use whips on women? You dont hit them? Hurt them? Isnt that how you get your kicks? Royce shot to his feet, but King waved him back, the calculating gleam in his eyes sending off all sorts of red flags. If youre really curious, Ill be. The disappointment and censure in his tone made her feel like a heel, but remembering Donner and his cruelty infuriated her all over again.

Im not downloading it. She jumped when Royce came close and squatted down in front of her, stiffening when he ran his fingers over the back of her hands in a caress she assumed should have felt nonthreatening. Alarmed at the rivulets of heat that ran up her arm, she forced herself to remain still, shaken by his intense stare and the cool calculation in his eyes. Royce smiled knowingly and ran his fingers up her arm, sharpening the tingling sensation.

Im afraid Id have to agree with King. If you really want to understand, well be glad to answer all of your questions. He lifted a finger when she started to speak. But, wed like to show you. Thats the only way youd truly understand. The only way youll be able to see the way we live is to experience it for yourself.

Brenna pulled her hand away and scooted as far as she could away from him. Sign me up and make me pay an exorbitant amount of money for you and all your customers to beat me. I dont care what you call it, its just an excuse to hurt a woman.

Even those men in the club carried whips with them. The women thought it was sexy. I didnt. Hoping he didnt see the lie in her eyes, she lifted her chin, silently daring him to call her a liar. Royces gaze sharpened, his eyes becoming the deepest green shed ever seen.

So, youre a submissive? Do you go to clubs regularly? Bristling at the bite in his tone, she shot to her feet and started forward, only to have King come to his feet and block her again. Belong to someone?

Whats with you people and that belonging crap? I dont belong to anyone and I only went to that club once. And no, Im not a submissive and I dont ever plan to be.

Frankly, I just dont get why any woman would want to be. Royce came to his feet and moved in behind her, the fingers he ran up and down her arm making her shiver. Maybe you are. Maybe youre not. Maybe you dont want to know for sure because youre afraid of the answer. You went to that club for a reason. Thats ridiculous. She jerked out of his hold and started for the door, both relieved and disappointed when neither man made a move to stop her. Just because youre surrounded by women who let you do what you want to them, you think every woman you meet is the same.

Im not. I think youre all assholes. Proud of her exit line, she turned the knob and yanked, cursing when it didnt budge. Whirling, she fumed. Open the fucking door and let me the hell out of here. King took the seat shed just vacated, leaning back as though he had nothing in the world better to do and lacing his fingers over his flat stomach.

I want to say something first, and I have a proposition for you. Once you hear me out, Ill unlock the door.

Looking from one to the other, Brenna shook her head, unsure of her ability to resist any proposition either one of them might make. I dont want to hear anything you have to say. Royce shook his head and shared a look with King.

She sounds just like Donner. Not willing to listen to anyone. Brenna stamped her foot, so furious she could barely speak. How dare you compare me to him? Im nothing like him. Youre turning this all around. Both men eyed her steadily, neither saying a word. When it became apparent that they would willingly sit there all day, she blew out an angry breath and moved to the chair across from them, plopping into it.

But then you promise to let me out? Thats one of the first things a sub has to learn. Trust is a fragile, but incredibly strong bond between a Dom and his sub. We wont ever lie to you and you can trust that we will do whatever we say well do.

We dont make idle threats and we keep our promises. Brenna got an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. Waving her hand negligently, she looked away. Ill take that as a yes. Now, say what you have to say so I can get out of here. Ive got to find a new place to live and a. Everyone knows I went to that club and Im too embarrassed to go home. The longer she stayed here, the more intrigued she became, something she wanted to avoid at all costs. She wanted to forget her curiosity and desire for something she fantasized about, and go back to normal.

Their attentiveness unnerved her. They both watched her closely, their eyes sharp and filled with something that made her heart beat faster. They shifted their weight when she moved in a certain way, their gazes narrowing when she wrapped her arms around herself.

Shed dated men who didnt pay as much attention to her. It made it difficult to keep the emotional distance from them she needed, each word, each gesture drawing her in. Each time their eyes met, she sucked in a breath at the promise in theirs of something she would never forget. The sexual tension in the room could be cut with a knife.

It was as if they saw something inside her, something private, something shed tried for years to keep hidden. She didnt want to acknowledge it, but found it harder and harder to keep her poise as her awareness of them continued to grow. She pictured herself naked with Royce, and then King, wondering which one of them she would choose if given the chance.

Startled at her thoughts, she sucked in a breath and focused, unsurprised to find both of them staring at her intently. King smiled. I was just waiting until I had your attention. That must have been some daydream. Your cheeks are flushed and your eyes went a little unfocused. Sitting back, he eyed her steadily. We dont abuse women. As a matter of fact, we take pride in pleasuring womendominating them. The emphasis he placed on the word dominating sent a warmth flowing through her, one that seemed to center between her thighs.

Alarmed that the mental image of kneeling at his feet, she cleared her throat, her smile full of scorn. Sure you do. You just beat them until they do whatever you want them to do. Kings eyes cooled considerably. Its apparent you have no idea what youre talking about. Youre letting one asshole form your opinion. Id like to make you a proposition. You said you lost your job because of this guy.

Stay here with us. You can send out resumes while youre here. Your room and board are free, but in return, I want you to give us a chance to show you what were talking about.

Let us train you. Brenna crossed her arms over her chest to hide her beaded nipples, panic-stricken at the leap of desire that coursed through her veins. I have no desire to be trained as a submissive, thank you very much. Now, unlock the door and let me out of here. King started shaking his head before shed even finished.

Im not done. I wasnt talking about training you as a submissive. Im talking about training you as a Dominant. That way, you can see what we teach and understand that its all about pleasure and trust. Intrigued, Brenna tilted her head. I dont trust you. You have no reason to trust me. Trust has to be earned. Forcing back the mental image of turning herself over to him and letting him do what he wished with her, Brenna stood, too restless to sit any longer.

So, if Im a Dominant, Ill be doing things to another person. Are you going to be my submissive? King smiled coldly. I dont bottom. And youre not touching another man. Would you like a woman to top? Brenna shook her head, staring out the window. Ive never had any desire to touch another woman. Turning, she smiled.

leah brooke

So, I guess your plans out of the question. Now, let me out of here, or Im calling the sheriff. Royce smiled disarmingly. I dont think Kings finished.

King eyed her thoughtfully. No, Im not. I think the best way to do this is for you to top yourself. Brenna blinked, her anger dissipating more with every wild statement they made, her mind racing in all sorts of directions. How is that even possible? King came to his feet and approached slowly, giving her the feeling of being stalked. Well train you on yourself.

You dont even have to worry about us touching you. We wont touch you anywhere except your hands, unless we have to catch you or help you into a better position. Confused, Brenna glanced at Royce, who stood and approached from the other side. So Im supposed to whip myself?

Royce sighed. Youre really stuck on the whip, arent you? Okay, well progress to the whip, but not until youre ready. By the time we get there, youll understand how pain can bring pleasure.

Backing away, she shook her head, not stupid enough to believe such an outrageous thing. Pain can never bring pleasure. King grinned. Yes, it can. A great deal of pleasure. And were willing to show you.

No charge, and you get room and board and a chance to look for a job while youre learning. While youre here, well see what we can do to convince you that were telling the truth about Donner. Royce tucked a strand of hair behind her shoulder. We dont want you leaving here thinking that Dominants are like him. Sure, there are assholes, just like everywhere else, but beating women is not what this is about.

In Desire, especially, any man abusing a woman gets run out of town. Brenna lifted her chin and took another step back. How do I know I can trust you? King reached behind the curtain and pushed a button, and with a small smile, gestured toward the door. Youre free to go, Red. Like I said, trust has to be earned. Talk to people around here.

Submission to desire leah brooke pdf

Talk to the sheriff. Talk to whoever you want to talk to. Just dont go around telling people that we beat women and teach others to do the same if you dont have the courage to see what this lifestyle is all about, or to prove that were telling the truth.

Royce led her to the door, opened it, and ushered her through to the hallway.

You intrigue us. Id like to have the chance to see more of you and to teach you about our lifestyle. It infuriates me that Donner hurt you and scared you. Thats not what this is all about.

Think about it, Brenna. Well be waiting in the hotel dining room at seven. Well answer any questions you have then. Brenna had no idea why she would even considering going along with their plan. Royce and King were dangerous and could change her life. The smartest thing she could do would be to get the hell away from them as soon as possible.

She didnt for one minute believe that a man or woman could get pleasure from being hurt, or being ordered around, and nothing they could say or do would ever convince her otherwise. Dont bother. I wont be there. Royce turned her and wrapped his arms around her from behind, his soft laugh against her ear sending shivers through her.

Yes, you will. Youre too passionate, too curious, and too headstrong to walk away without even knowing what youre missing. Youd never be able to live with yourself if you walked away from the chance to satisfy the curiosity and hunger raging inside you.

Struggling against the wave of longing that weakened her knees, Brenna tightened her fists at her sides. Trembling at the authority in his soft tone, and the tingling awareness everywhere his body touched hers, she stiffened and pushed his arms away, missing his warmth almost immediately. Afraid well prove you wrong? After stepping out the front door, she turned and lifted her chin, shaken by the desire gleaming in his eyes. Im right and you know it.

Hurting women turns you on, but youll never convince me that any woman could enjoy that. Royce smiled slowly. Are you afraid that youd like it too much?

What were you doing in a club like ours if you werent at least curious? Feeling more secure now that she was outside, Brenna shrugged and told him the truth.

It was a bachelorette party for one of my friends. The club has a night open once a month for people who want to learn more. My friend wanted to go, and because the idea intrigued me, I went to the party. Thats where I met Donner, who assumed that I was there because I was a submissive. Royce leaned against the doorway, his green eyes hooded and unreadable.

Arent you still intrigued? Wouldnt you like the opportunity to ask whatever questions you want to ask and see what it feels like to both be a Dom and a sub? Forcing back the heat of lust that slammed into her, Brenna shook her head. She had to get out of here. Royce reached out to touch her hair when she turned away. So weve been tried and convicted without even getting a chance to show you how wrong you are? Well be waiting. Seven oclock.

Brushing her hair aside, he nipped her earlobe, sending a jolt of heat straight to her slit. Seven sharp, Beautiful. Sucking in a breath, she flattened a hand on her stomach to settle the butterflies. After several seconds spent struggling to will her senses to settle, she opened her eyes and turned to find hed gone back inside. Cursing, she went down the steps and started across the parking lot to her car. They could take their proposition and shove it up their asses.

Feeling better, Brenna got in her car and drove off, determined to forget all about Donner, and the bastards who encouraged him, and to get on with her life. She could live with the curiosity and the hunger hed somehow known about. The last thing she needed were two more arrogant men to screw up her life. Chapter Two It appeared her life would indeed be screwed up for a while. The realization hit her when she went back to her hotel and found a plain white envelope taped to her door.

Thinking it might be from someone at the hotel, she opened it, her heart pounding furiously when she read the short note.

So you think you can escape me? The note from Donner left her shaken. Faced with the very real possibility that Donner had somehow gotten out of jail and found her, Brenna left the hotel without even going inside her room. She knew he wouldnt have left the note if hed been insidehed want to scare her when she walked inbut the possibility of him coming to the door later scared her enough to flee. Shaken, and unsure about what to do, she walked briskly to the center of town where all the businesses were located.

One thing shed learned about Donner over the months shed spent trying to get rid of him was that he was a coward. Hed always run at any sign of trouble, so she knew he wouldnt dare attack her with so many witnesses around. She counted on the presence of the people shopping and walking up and down the sidewalk to keep her safe while she figured out what to do.

After several passes up and down Main Street, she became aware of curious looks following her and started to duck into stores to allay any suspicions. Curious, and weighing her options, she began to casually ask the people who worked in the stores if they knew Royce and King.

Everyone she spoke to did, not surprising in such a small town. What did surprise her, though, was that everyone she spoke to sang their praises, telling her of their kindness and generosity.

DESIRE FOR THREE Desire, Oklahoma 1 Leah Brooke

Everyone she spoke to seemed to respect them and have a general fondness for them, almost a protectiveness that kept them cool until she mentioned that theyd invited her to dinner and she didnt know them very well.

After that, none of the people she spoke to seemed to have any trouble assuring her that Royce and King were fine men who could be trusted. After several stops, their comments almost sounded like a sales pitch, but men and women alike all appeared to admire them. While sitting at the diner drinking coffee, she overheard the conversation of two women sitting behind her, two women who apparently didnt live in Desire.

Oh, if I wasnt a married woman, Id move here in a heartbeat. Can you imagine what it must be like to live in a place where women were so appreciated and cared for?

The other womans heartfelt sigh held such longing that Brenna sat up straighter to better eavesdrop. I lived here for about six months, hoping to catch Blade Royals eye, but as soon as Kelly came to town, it was obvious he only had eyes for her. While I lived here, though, I couldnt get over how the men watched out for the women.

Women can even be out at night here, and not get accosted on the street. It was wonderful! Tell me. How do they watch over them? The excitement in the womans voice couldnt be mistaken. Its soooo sexy. Its like they all feel they have a duty to keep women safe here. Everyone seemed to know my namelike they have some kind of file or something.

I remember one time I got a flat tire on the road out of town. A man Id never seen before stopped to change it. Wouldnt you know, Lucas Hart happened to be driving by and stopped? He watched the other man like a hawk, asking him who he was and explaining to me that the man whod stopped didnt live in Desire. After the other man left, he lectured me about the dangers in dealing with strange men, and things I should have done differently.

God, that mans intimidating. I can only imagine what he and his friends would be like with a woman they wanted for their own. Yeah, Ive heard about those three. It sounds like shed have to be tough as hell to deal with them. The other woman laughed. The same could be said about a woman who eventually takes on Royce and King. Holy hell. Those two are intimidating, too, and so damned sexy its ridiculous. So why the hell did you ever leave? I got transferred and married Roy. Sometimes, though, I cant help wishingOh well.

Wed better go. I still have a little more shopping to do and I have to get home to start dinner. I want to hurry so I have time to drive by the Erickson ranch. A glimpse of Clay or Rio working with the horses would just make my day! Brenna waited until the other women left before she did. She walked some more, and somehow ended up in front of the hotel shortly after seven, where shed paced back and forth for several minutes, already knowing what she would do.

When the door opened yet again, Brenna hurriedly straightened and ducked back around the side of the doorway to the restaurant. Her stomach rumbled again, reminding her that shed had nothing to eat all day.

She drew a deep breath, holding a hand to her stomach as she let it out slowly, telling herself for about the tenth time that she should just get back into her car and drive out of town. If she did that, she didnt know where she would go, and might have to end up facing Donner alone.

Deciding it would be smarter to stay where she felt relatively safe, she peeked around the corner again. She hadnt expected King and Royce to still be here, and yet they sat in a back corner, apparently waiting for her. It was twenty minutes after seven and they looked as if theyd been waiting for some time. If the fresh drinks theyd just ordered were any indication, they planned to wait even longer.

Shed had no intention of ever seeing them again after shed walked away this afternoon, and yet here she stood, some of her reasons having nothing at all to do with Donner. Curiosity killed the cat. The phrase went through her mind again and again, almost making her turn away. Damn it, she wanted to know. After asking about them in town, shed heard that, not only could she trust them, but every woman she talked to seemed to wish they could have a night with King and Royce, who remained elusive.

Learning that they didnt sleep with every woman who came along made them even sexier and more desirable to hersomething she hadnt thought possible. After what shed heard in town, shed begun to believe them about Donner.

Theyd keep her safe from him. More than that, though, she couldnt resist the chance to see them again. Taking another deep breath, she wrapped her cardigan more firmly around herself and stepped into the restaurant. Surprised that both men saw her almost immediately and rose to their feet, she almost tripped. King strode across the restaurant toward her, waving off another smiling man, a tall, handsome blond whod started toward her.

His eyes never left hers as he strode past the other man, his deep voice carrying across the restaurant. Shes with us, Ethan. The other man smiled. That figures. It was too much to hope for that youd been stood up and I would get to entertain this beauty.

He grinned and offered his hand, but King was already whisking her away. Come on. Have a heart. Brenna found herself the object of several speculative looks as they crossed the restaurant, looks that became even more curious when King led her to their table. Taking the chair that Royce held out, she stilled when his warm breath teased her neck. You smell delicious.

King took the seat to her right, while Royce took the one on her left. Taking a deep breath, she stared at the candle in the center of the table, wondering how to begin. Trembling with nerves, she dropped her purse on to the floor and laced her fingers together, wincing when her ring dug into her finger. I wasnt going to come. Im not quite sure why I did. Royce sat forward, taking her hand, and loosening her fingers to lace them with his.

Youre here and thats all that matters. I appreciate that. I hope that while youre here, youll talk to the women who live in this town. Some of them are very much into the lifestyle, and enjoy submitting to their husbands. A little surprised at that, Brenna sat back and pulled her hand from his, finding it hard to concentrate with sizzling awareness racing through her.

Shed thought herself prepared to face them again, figuring much of her response to them had been because shed been unprepared. This time, shed been prepared, but it hadnt lessened the effect either one of them had on her at all.The confidence, and arrogance, couldnt be mistaken. The sexual journey Royce and King take her on, though, proves more powerful than she anticipated, and proves to her that she is right where she belongs.

Dont call me Red. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. You smell delicious. Sometimes it can be as simple as an email from someone or a song on the radio. In Desire, especially, any man abusing a woman gets run out of town. Royce came up from behind her, touching her hair as he passed her and took his seat again.

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