The full report should be used by the Central Intelligence Agency . that, under any common meaning of the term, CIA detainees were tortured. C.I.A. Torture Report. Document. Pages. Notes. Text. Zoom. CLOSE. Previous for “” Next. p. 1. Loading Loading. p. 2. Loading Loading. p. 3. Loading Loading. Soufan, chapter 21; John Rizzo, Company. Man (Scribner, ), ; and Senate. Intelligence Committee Report on Torture. (Melville House, ) ( hereafter.

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Topics CIA, Torture, Crime, terror, war on terror, document, pdf, The Committee fmds, based on a review of CIA interrogation records, that the. CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program to the President for declassification . that, under any common meaning of the term, CIA detainees were tortured. •'In the simple torture situation the contest is one between the individual and his tormentor .. •. he can frequently endure). Wben the individual is told to.

Government and later to the public, as well as instances in which specific questions from White House officials were not answered truthfully or fully.

In briefings for the National Security Council principals and White House officials, the CIA advocated for the continued use of the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques, warning that "[tjermination of this program will result in loss of life, possibly extensive.

The CIA withheld or restricted information relevant to these agencies' missions and responsibilities, denied access to detainees, and provided inaccurate information on the CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program to these agencies.


The use of coercive interrogation techniques and covert detention facilities that did not meet traditional U. This reduced the ability of the U.

Government to deploy available resources and expert personnel to interrogate detainees and operate detention facilities. Information obtained from CIA detainees was restricted within the Intelhgence Community, leading to concerns among senior CIA officers that Hmitations on sharing information undermined government-wide counterterrorism analysis.

The CIA blocked State Department leadership from access to information crucial to foreign policy decision-making and diplomatic activities. The CIA did not inform two secretaries of state of locations of CIA detention facilities, despite the significant foreign policy implications related to the hosting of clandestine CIA detention sites and the fact that the political leaders of host countries were generally informed of their existence.

Moreover, CIA officers told U.

In two countries, U. It is a reasonable expectation of psychologists that they engage in activities concerned with care, well-being, and the reduction of suffering, not in its deliberate use for torture.

The techniques included waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and sensory deprivation, which were all used at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere during the Bush administration. At least five detainees experienced disturbing hallucinations during prolonged sleep deprivation and, in at least two of those cases, the CIA nonetheless continued the sleep deprivation.

The Hoffman Report is full of speculation, unsubstantiated evidence, and innuendo. Martin Seligman acknowledges that he held meetings and gave a 3-hour lecture on learned helplessness for the training of military personnel to resist torture.

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However, Dr Seligman is adamant that, at no time, did he ever participate in discussions about torture or interrogation. The report states that Matarazzo was invited by the CIA to provide an opinion about whether sleep deprivation constitutes torture.

Based on his consultations with experts, the advice from Matarazzo at that time was that it did not.

In his article and supporting documentation, Joseph Matarazzo clarifies his role and clears his name. On 24 July , the APA wrote a letter of apology to all members which stated, Dear Members, As is true for us, we know the contents of the Independent Review [Hoffman] report are extremely troubling and painful to our members.

We have heard from many that you feel the profession you love and respect has been tarnished and, for some, your identity as a psychologist and integrity as a person are called into question even though you personally have done nothing wrong. On behalf of our organization, we apologize for what has emerged in the Hoffman report, including the secret coordination between several APA leaders and the Department of Defense that resulted in the lack of a clear and consistent anti-torture stance, limited guidance for military psychologists in the field, a failure to uphold an appropriate conflict-of-interest policy with regard to the PENS Task Force on military interrogation, and a lack of appropriate checks and balances that could have revealed these significant problems.

In addition, we deeply regret the fact that some APA members and other critics were privately and publicly discounted for raising concerns.It should not be this way and the American Psychological Association APA and other psychological associations need to be clear and consistent about the rights of detainees and the responsibilities of operational practitioners. The CIA did not respond to Chairman Bob Graham's requests for additional information in , noting in its own internal communications that he would be leaving the Committee in January Roth stated that failure to prosecute was "more than just a failure of justice" and "means that torture effectively remains a policy option rather than a criminal offense.

By , the CIA had overwhelmingly outsourced operations related to the program.

Government information. Some also questioned whether such activities could continue and were told that the senior officials in the CIA had approved these techniques.

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