In a previous post about simple German short stories for beginners I've Just like the above story, this PDF comes with some exercises. Download the Book:German Short Stories For Beginners: 8 Unconventional Short Stories To Grow Your Vocabulary And Learn German The Fun Way! PDF For. [PDF DOWNLOAD] Short Stories in German for Beginners Free German Short Stories for Beginners: Learn German With Short Stories Including.

German Stories For Beginners Pdf

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This is a community for learners of German and discussions pertaining to the German language. Check our Wiki for materials and tips and the. German stories for beginners - learn German with fun! German stories for beginners: Berlin, Kuchen & Liebe Get the German eBook as a EPUB and PDF . Learn German with the German short stories for beginners - with audio (mp3), pictures, English translation and exercises!.

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10 Mini Stories

Help Bert unravel the mystery of the book-threatening"reading machine". What does it want?

Where does it come from? And will he be able to protect his leather-bound friends from its hungry jaws? Experience daily life in the German capital through the eyes of a newcomer, learn about the country and its people, and improve your German effortlessly along theway!

A picture book for the young and young at heart about an unusual friendship between two pets. In a small seaside town body parts start appearing out of nowhere.

To whom do they belong?

German Texts for Beginners

Can you help Kommissar Baumgartner and his colleague Kommissarin Momsen identify and catch the murderer? In the local zoo a corpse is found in the Panda enclosure.

How did it get there? Was it an accident or ruthless murder?


Boost your grammar by engaging in sword fights, improve your conversation skills by interacting with interesting people and enhance your vocabulary while exploring forests and dungeons.

Forget about boring textbooks!

Save the world and learn German one sword-fight at a time! The Internet is filled with short stories, but these choices have purpose and meaning.

They are known for their enchanting story lines, along with their ease for beginners. Keep reading to find a handful of short stories that are bound to remain in your collection for years to come.

Heck, you can even get through most of them in the time it will take you to read a full blog post like this.

In addition, beginners often find it difficult to follow along with story lines when written in German. Many short story books also offer compilations, so you get a collection of reads, minimizing the need to keep downloading or scrounging for your next adventure.

Finally, quite a few of these short stories are posted for free online. In addition, a German dictionary sits at the end of each story to cover the more difficult words and walk you through without any problems.

This short story offers it from the perspective of a year-old man who lost his home and family after it got bombed in a British air raid. In the remains, he finds a kitchen clock, which reminds him of his mother and pushes him through this hard time.

In terms of learning German, the sentences are simple and to the point, and the story provides great practice on the German past tense.Best of all, there are lots of different options for what to read.

The more you lose yourself in the story, the more you focus on the meaning rather than on the grammar or the unknown words. This is called extensive reading.

Contact Us Follow Us. Use numbers 1 to 4 to add vowels and special characters. Plays for instance tend to be rather easily understood and have a lot of reassuring white space.

The language is conversational and natural, and manageable chapters, combined with a gentle introduction of new grammar will have you enjoying reading in German from the very beginning. However, an exciting chain of events forces him to reconsider his view on life.

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