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The Pinch of Nom cookbook is available out now! final-packshot-pre-order- pinch-of-nom-cookbook- . Is it a 'Slimming World' or 'Weight Watchers' book?. First up on the list of top 50 Slimming World recipes is our Syn Free .. a 6 month food planner that works perfectly alongside our recipe book. Slimming World Books: Diet & Weight Loss | site. Slimming world recipe book best loved extra easy recipes. Franny Higgins · Slimming World books.

Whether you want to make it for breakfast or as a side dish to a Sunday dinner. Or maybe just simply make it the star of the show with some Speed Food vegetables.

Slimming World Survival | Recipes | Tips | Syns | Extra Easy

Syn Free Campfire Stew is one of our most popular recipes for those who like to batch cook. Well worthy of being one of our top 50 Slimming World recipes!

The first of many of our top 50 Slimming World recipes to take full advantage of your Healthy Extras. Syn Free Hunters Chicken has been a firm favourite since we published it. Best of all, it still tastes amazing! So many people on our Instagram page recreate this meal on a daily basis and love it.

Chinese fakeaways are a firm favourite with Slimming World members.

Our top 50 Slimming World recipes feature many fakeaway dishes, and for good reason. Another of our most adaptable dishes, you can serve it in a whole heap of ways!

Syn Free Chilli is great for cooking in bulk and freezing for future meals. Whether you want to take it to work or have as a quick evening meal when time is a bit more precious. This recipe is fantastic as a packed lunch option. You can make it at the beginning of the week and portion it out across a few lunches.

Syn Free Spaghetti Bolognese is also a fantastic recipe to make in bulk, the Bolognese element at least. For something that tastes as good as this dish does, the recipe and cooking process could not be simpler! The construction of our Syn Free Chicken Kebab might appear to be a little odd, but the kebab stick wizardry is all worth it. One of our more recent recipes to be added to the Pinch of Nom collection, next on our list of top 50 Slimming World recipes is our Low Syn Beef Stroganoff.

A really creamy, indulgent dish but with minimal Syns. Syn Free Sausage Rolls are great for a variety of occasions, not just a snack.

They can be enjoyed cold, so make a cracking addition to a picnic or a packed lunch. We see on our Instagram page pretty much every day that people love to make this dish at home. Slimming World members love a curry, and this curry does not disappoint in the slightest. Made with lots of Speed Food vegetables and creating it using a really easy recipe, you can prepare this in advance and enjoy later in the day.

These were first made by one of our Facebook group members who kindly let us feature the recipe on the Pinch of Nom website.

A proper Slimming World staple! Similarly to the potato salad, our Syn Free Coleslaw is another of our top 50 Slimming World recipes that is perfect for making lots of, and then putting out on a buffet or BBQ table.

Syn Free Hummus is perfect to serve with lots of different Speed Food vegetables such as carrots, celery, cucumber and tomatoes. Made using just a few simple ingredients and processes, you can create Syn Free Spaghetti Carbonara in no time. This of course meant that it had to have a place in our top 50 Slimming World recipes, judging by the amount of people who like to share their pictures of our Syn Free Fish Pie over on our Facebook group.

Even better, portion it out into containers and enjoy Syn Free Chilli Pasta Bake for lunches and easy evening meals throughout the week! You can make these for breakfast, lunch or enjoy them as a dessert, just make sure you make enough Low Syn Banana and Chocolate Pancakes for everyone else who will be trying to steal yours!

Another sweet treat in our top 50 Slimming World recipes now, our Syn Free Strawberry and Vanilla Waffles can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and are guaranteed to be cooked time and time again.

You only need a few key ingredients and kitchen utensils to create our Syn Free Strawberry and Vanilla Waffles. What better side dish can you add to your Sunday lunch?!

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Next on our list of top 50 Slimming World recipes are our 1. We get so many people posting pictures of their Sunday lunches on our Instagram page and Facebook group showing off their 1.

Continuing the Sunday dinner theme, our Syn Free Gravy is an absolute must for a roast dinner! As with all of our baked oats recipes, Low Syn Chocolate and Orange Baked Oats are simple to prepare and cook, and of course they taste delicious.

You love them as much as we do! Many people on both our Facebook group and Instagram page tell us so often that whenever they make our Syn Free Salt and Pepper Chicken , it tastes just as good if not better!

Perfect for a weekend treat! Saying that, as with many of our recipes you can tailor the spice level to your own tastes.

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Syn Free Salt and Pepper Chips are often shared over on our Instagram page as the perfect side dish to any Chinese fakeaway feast. Only problem? Syn Free Lasagne is packed full of Speed Food , and has still got the traditional creamy, cheesy topping thanks to using your Healthy Extra allowance of cheese and a nifty little trick with Quark.

Lots of them are in this list of top 50 Slimming World recipes in fact! We see so many people making them on our Facebook group and Instagram page! Our Syn Free French Onion Soup was inspired by seeing it on the menus of so many restaurants, but definitely not in a Slimming World friendly form!

As with all our soup recipes, Syn Free French Onion Soup is really easy to create, and a thoroughly tasty lunch time option. On first glance of this recipe, it might sound a little abnormal. Frozen fruit Random bits of frozen banana stashed in the freezer drawer.

That, and failed yogurt-coated berries. Sharethrough Mobile 3.

You need this in your Slimming World life for crispy coatings. Primula light cheese spread tubes You can half a tube for a Healthy Extra A! Our Slimming World diet coke chicken is the thing of dreams! Who else but a Slimming World shopper would choose no fat bacon?!

Yogurt, yogurt, yogurt Meet your new best friend. You never can have enough fat-free yogurt in the fridge thanks to its Slimming World free food status.

How can this be called a diet when so many delicious things are on offer? So many varieties, so little time… Silly small loaves of bread Normal loaves are for other diet groups — at Slimming World, we love two slices of really mini bread.Syn Free Ham and Mushrooms Pizza Calzones contain lots of Speed Food vegetables, which not only makes it a really good Slimming World meal, but also means they taste so good!

Even better, portion it out into containers and enjoy Syn Free Chilli Pasta Bake for lunches and easy evening meals throughout the week! Listed as new as not giving the used option.

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