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novel sherlock holmes bahasa indonesia ebook, novel sherlock holmes bahasa indonesia pdf, novel sherlock holmes bahasa indonesia doc, novel sherlock. See˜chrender/Sherlock Holmes for an electronic form of this text and additional information about it. This text comes from the collection's. The complete Sherlock Holmes Canon. From these pages you can download all the original Sherlock Holmes stories for free. PDF using individual layout.

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Sherlock Holmes. The thing is though, he is awesome in his own right.

He was an army doctor in Afghanistan, he's the one who always carries the gun in his and Holmes's most dangerous encounters,and what's more -- he is actually able to sustain a job and engage in healthy human relationships with more than one person.

By also making Watson a strong character, with both medical and literary proficiency, Doyle makes Watson's admiration of Holmes' intelligence even more meaningful. He fills in gaps that Holmes lack: he provides medical assistance that Holmes can't handle and he's the one who adds human interest to Holmes' stories.

Above all, he makes cold, calculating Holmes…human.

Novel Sherlock Holmes Pdf Indonesia

Sure, he keeps mentioning that Holmes despises feelings and what-not but at the same time, the clear bromance that ties the two guys together -- their mutual friendship and respect --really speaks well of both of them as sympathetic, cool human beings. Watson also manages to bring out the passionate side of Holmes' supremely intellectual work.

Watson provides a frame for each story: an introductory series of paragraphs sketching some dialogue with Holmes, or setting the scene of the investigation. His narration doesn't wander off into passages of thick description very often, which makes their impact all the more powerful when he does. The focus of each story is on solving a central problem, and that means there's suspense, and there's resolution.

Holmes concludes, then proves, that the beggar is actually St. Clair in disguise; he confesse that he has been leading a double life as a beggar, making more money that way than in his nominal work.

However, an acquaintance of Holmes discovers the carbuncle in the throat of a Christmas goose. Holmes traces the owner of the goose, but soon determines that he was not the thief by offering him a replacement goose. The detective continues his search, first to an inn and then a dealer in Covent Garden.

Kanon Sherlock Holmes

The dealer refuses to provide Holmes with information about the source of the goose, but Holmes observes another man trying to find the same information, and confronts him.

The man, the head attendant at the hotel, confesses to his crime.

Holmes allows him to remain free, arguing that prison could make him a hardened criminal later. During a late-night investigation of the bedroom, Holmes and Watson discover a dummy bell-pull near a ventilator.

As they lie in wait a whistle sounds, then a snake appears through the ventilator. Holmes attacks the snake with his riding crop; it retreats to the next room, where it attacks and kills Stoner's stepfather. Hatherley had been hired for 50 guineas to repair a machine he was told compressed Fuller's earth into bricks.

Hatherley was told to keep the job confidential, and was transported to the job in a carriage with frosted glass, to keep the location secret.

He was shown the press, but on closer inspection discovered a "crust of metallic deposit" on the press, and he suspected it was not being used for compressing earth. He confronted his employer, who attacked him, and during his escape his thumb is chopped off.

The Complete Sherlock Holmes

Holmes deduces that the press is being used to produce counterfeit coins, and works out its location. Dalam hal ini, istilah "kanon" digunakan untuk membedakan karya asli Doyle dengan karya pengarang lain yang juga menampilkan tokoh Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes.

Kanon Sherlock Holmes secara tradisional terdiri atas 56 cerita pendek yang dikumpulkan dalam lima buku serta empat novel. Kata "petualangan" pada beberapa judul cerita pendek di dalamnya diabaikan dalam terbitan modern. Pertama kali diterbitkan pada tanggal 31 Oktober , terdiri atas 12 cerita pendek yang pernah diterbitkan secara berseri dalam The Strand Magazine edisi bulan Juli hingga Juni , [2] dilengkapi ilustrasi oleh Sidney Paget.

Terdiri atas 12 cerita pendek yang pernah diterbitkan secara berseri dalam The Strand Magazine edisi bulan Desember hingga Desember sebagai kelanjutan serial Petualangan Sherlock Holmes , dilengkapi ilustrasi oleh Sidney Paget. Terdiri atas 13 cerita pendek yang pernah diterbitkan secara berseri dalam The Strand Magazine edisi bulan Oktober hingga Desember , dilengkapi ilustrasi oleh Sidney Paget.

Terdiri atas tujuh cerita pendek yang diterbitkan pada tahun — Terdiri atas dua belas cerita pendek yang diterbitkan pada tahun — Kategori tersembunyi: I devoured Scarlet in the space of two days, consumed Four not long after, swallowed the collections whole, licked my plate, and asked for seconds.

Frank and Hatty had just determined to go to Lord St.

Tampilan Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Versi terdahulu. Keduabelas cerita pendek di dalamnya sebenarnya telah dipublikasikan oleh Majalah Strand mulai bulan Juli hingga Juni It was just the one time, honest!

ISBN Awakened by noise, he had found his son, Arthur, holding the damaged coronet.

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