Metro-North. M etro. -N orth. M etro. -N orth. LIRR. PATH. PATH. Amtrak. Am trak. Amtrak. Amtrak. NJTransit • Amtrak. PATH. Bowling Green. 4•5. Broad St. J•Z. Lexington Av Local. Flushing Local. MTA New York City Transit Subway Service. Station Name. This map may not be sold or offered for sale without written. 14 St–Union Sq. L• N• Q• R• 4• 5• 6. L• N• Q• R. 3 AvL. 1 AvL. 8 St-NYU. N•R. Christopher St. Sheridan Sq. 1. Canal St. J•N•Q. R•Z•6. Canal St. A•C•E. Spring St.

Nyc Subway Map Pdf

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Metro-North. Metro-N orth. Metro-N orth. LIRR. PATH. PATH. Amtrak. Am trak This information is also available on click on “Maps” in the top menu. The NY subway system is the cheapest and most convenient way for NYC tourists to Download the Printable NYC MTA Subway Map (pdf version) · View NYC. Metro-North. M etro. -N orth. M etro. -N orth Subway 7. NYC Transit Bus. Q12 Little Neck. Q13 Ft Totten. Q14 Whitestone .. on this map has been modified.

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Find your current location on the map and determine where you are trying to go in relation to your current position. Most city maps whether printed or online will show the closest subway stations. Look for the stations near you and check which subway line s would get your closest to where you need to go.

Google Maps provides just that, including detailed subway directions. Each station icon also shows which subway lines stop at that particular station.

New York City Subway Map

Now click on the Directions icon look for the right arrow in a white circle. Your screen should look something like this: 5.

According to Google Maps, your total commute would be around 17 minutes and would combine using the subway and walking. The next stop is Chambers St.

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The route details look like this: Notice that this time we are traveling north or Uptown. By the way, Google Maps allows you to email or text your chosen route to yourself.

You can also print it if you have access to a printer. Many stations in Manhattan are a century old or older the first line opened in , as we mentioned earlier. Tracks need to be replaced, switches fixed, rats poisoned no joke! That means that the best times for them to do maintenance and repair work is weeknights and weekends.

The good news is you can be prepared before you ride.

Google incorporates planned service changes into their route recommendations. Second, you can also check the latest status of subway service by line on the homepage of mta.

Look, we know all this may sound very intimidating, but you should get the hang of it pretty quickly once you start using it. Most New Yorkers will be happy to give you directions.

New York City Subway

OK, if you got this far, you should now have the confidence to use the NYC subway without getting lost at least, not completely. So in the last section of this post, we wanted to share with you a few tips that will make your subway experience more pleasant. But do not surrender your spot or you may lose your fare. Platforms are often crowded and there are a lot of New Yorkers in a rush to get somewhere and others who have stopped taking their prescribed antipsychotic medications.

The last thing you want is to have to climb out of the tracks with an oncoming train blinding you with its lights. Or a deer in headlights. There is a reason that subway car looks empty!

If you see a mostly empty subway car during rush hour, or one with all the people crowded to one side, there is probably a good reason for it.

So unless you have no sense of smell and are not afraid of airborne diseases, then hustle over to the next car before the doors close. Homelessness, poverty, and mental illness are a tragic reality for some New Yorkers, who sometimes find shelter and respite on the subways, especially in the colder months.

For mothers truly in need, there are multiple social programs to help them, and panhandling is actually illegal. Enjoy the live music? Drop them a dollar. There are lots of talented musicians who supplement their incomes by performing on the subway — a cappella, guitar, drums, sax, a mariachi band, the occasional cello — you name it.

All NYC maps

So if you like what you hear, feel free to tip. They are not making up a sob story or using their kids as bait; they are simply there to entertain us as we ride. New York is full of interesting characters, and the subway is often the best place to spot them because, by definition, we are all stuck in place for a while.

Glancing is OK, staring is not. You never know who you might offend or set off. We are a city of more than 8. We are willing to wait in lunch and coffee lines. We patiently fan ourselves waiting for trains on stifling platforms in the summer heat. Be smart with your valuables! Our last piece of NYC subway advice is the most obvious: Make sure you secure your valuables, which means no wallets or smartphones in back pockets. The profile: By David Freedlander.

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They say that the most practical way to explore New York is through the subway and we couldn't agree more! If there is someone at the ticket booth, they also have a free foldable map for you to carry.

Download over pages of NYC maps, information and recommendations in less than 5 minutes! Trump campaign email: The map will guide you into the city's famous attractions and landmarks, so you'll get the most out of your stay in New York City. The only thing, in my opinion, would be a google api overlay.

Already a subscriber? I imagine this will be a huge help for people who have their own ideas about how the subway will look. Piece of cake.

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